• Oh hell yes a woman would make a better president.

    While some people in America think that the role of woman is to stay at home and care for children, that is incredibly false. Woman are a strong gender, and if a man can be president, than a women would make an even more better president. If a woman were a president, their wouldn't be that many wars and the likely ness of world peace would increase, because let's be honest, the gender of man is very violent and somewhat bloody. But if a woman were a president, it would all change for the better and for the good. But mostly for all. Woman make better presidents, and that's the truth. No questions asked. PERIOD!

  • Men AND WOMEN are created equal

    Women need to be seen as equals to men, and they simply aren't. These days, women are still judged, despite all laws and attempts to create equal rights. Out of the 51 presidents we had so far, they were all men. In the constitution, people wrote that MEN were created equal. What about women? In history, we were treated as the lowest class, just a tad above slaves. This need to change, immediately.

  • Yes it would be great. Give women the chance to be president.

    Women should be given the same opportunity as men. If men are allowed to be president why not a female? It shouldn't be based on gender. Who knows what could happen? A female president could have really good ideas and could also be a huge help to our country.
    In my opinion women could be an outstanding president. Women are just as smart as men and deserve a chance.

  • Obviously we do

    You men keep screwing everything up. We can't count on you for anything. You guys are responsible for legal spying programs, US involvement in all sorts of wars across the middle east, forcing women to give up their rights, wealth disparity, and a completely depleted economy. Why don't you men just apologize (for once) and let a woman take charge? We are far more qualified than you.

  • Equal right is necessary

    Lot of the women have the courage and patience to give birth to her child and sacrifice her personal career, social life, and beauty for a period of long time(maybe for 10 or more years staying home) or her life time, to take care and nurture her child to make sure her child could grow up healthily and safely, or maybe successfully with her day in and day out of trying hard works. A female president has the experience to take care of her country people like taking care of her child, So far, male presidents just like to control, to out -win, and like to kill in order to settle world matters, not much nurturing could be seen...And so on. Therefore, give a good woman a chance, and it is time to let a good woman to have a chance to chance the world to be a better place, let her be the president, and the world may become a more peaceful place. Have a try, open the door for the majority race!

  • Does america need a female president

    A female can do the same thing as a male president can.And why not give females a chance i mean you cant just judge women then not give them a chance.Stop being so ignorant a let there be a female president for once.And even if she messes up that doesnt mean all female presidents will mess up.Just because george bush messed up did all male presidents mess up......Exactly my point clear.

  • We need a Mormon president too, just not Romney.

    Catholics are more accepted since we had a catholic president. Blacks now that we have a black president. So minority presidents are good. (Or "majority" in the case of a woman.)

  • Women need to step up to office!

    Women have rights to, and should become, president.

  • Men have failed

    Because of the sexest culture of our ancestors, women have always been put down to lower levels of society. Now though, women have a chance to rise to the top. Now look at the world now. Look at the middle East. Look at the US! RUN BY MEN ISNT WORKING. We need a woman, to change things.

  • It could bring a positive change

    There have only ever been men presidents, but of all those presidents, only a few have made great things happen. All the rest have gotten us to where we are now. A woman president could bring on a different perspective, and make great things happen, too. A woman is just as qualified as a man to be president.

  • That is not their role!!!!

    Women should not be a president because thats not their role. Women should be protected not put in the heaps of stress and anxiety of a president. Men go to war, not women because women are delicate and fragile creatures who need to shaded with the protection of a real man. Read the bible too, it supports me.

  • Women, no way

    Some things in life are meant for women, and some things are just meant for men. God assigned a task to Adam ''the man'' and never assigned anything to Eve ''the woman." Ask yourself why. If we all go back to the basics of life we will have no problem deciding if a woman should be a president or not. Women should know their position and stop interfering in men's business. It will make a difference if a woman becomes president and its going to be a worse difference because that's just not her assignment.

  • There would be mass CHAOS

    I'm not going against the nineteenth amendment,but if a woman becomes president, the population of men will be decreased because of the overpopulation of woman. And if there is no men, no BABYS.POINT BLANK.And our world population would decrease,and it would be he beginning of the end of the human population

  • Women in the work place & military need to MAKE A HOME

    Women in the work place & military ruins the home atmosphere, the nest of love, consideration, manners, ethics etc....I realize that our society has come to a point where it is in many cases necessary for both parties to work.
    The important things in life are God, home, family unit. Regular attendance at a church of your choice is of great importance. Christian, Jew, Seventh day Adventist, Mormon.

  • Females are not qualified

    They can't even drive cars, they are not smart and one of those wants to be a president, that's not funny at all. Hillary is a qualified nursing home patient. Of course she won't be a president, because it will be a country, not country. America needs a good smart man as a president

  • Women are emotionally unstable.

    Im not trying to be sexist. But women are sometimes mentally weak. During each month a woman will go thro her cicle. And during that time she will make erratic disisons . Thees my be fear, anger, sadness, disscontempt, ect. Also girls like to give the silent treatment. During this time thir way be dissisons that need to be made like helping a other nation or to send in the troops. Also thy may make many disions that dont help us. Such as leting every immigrant in and taking all of the mony and land. Thats all that i feal like saying now. Sorry for the misspellings.

  • No we don't.

    We don't need a female president because we have always stuck to tradition, a male president, and I believe it is a job that was made for males. 44 us presidents have been male, and I think that we should keep it that way for the future. Men can handle stress more than women can.

  • It should be "America CAN have a female president" not NEED

    A president can be in any gender, as long as he/she is good. I'm not saying we should not have a female president, but the word "need" a female president sounds a bit sexist. That means, when Obama gets out of the office, if a man wants to become a president, he is not allowed to become one because "America needs a female president" or something.

  • No, it's a bad idea

    We do not. What if shes PMSing and she launches a couple fucking nukes at some 3rd world country? Besides, they would care more about representing women rather than men. Women belong in the kitchen, their rightful place. Women are not fit for these roles. Screw Hillary. No. Just no.

  • A woman president?

    What just for an icon to say,"Woman are equal?"That's as bad as just getting an Afro American in office to boost black morale. We need competent presidents not gender and race icons.If you make a worse mess of the country than it already is who cares if your a woman or a man, black or white.It should be all about competency and nothing more!

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