• Hemp is not a drug.

    Marijuana is a drug which has far less negative effects than alcohol , which is legal. Hemp is not a drug, it's a crop which does not get people high and has many, many positive benefits and uses. There are no negatives to growing hemp, except for big oil companies which may make less money when hemp products replace oil products.

  • YES

    People will argue that hemp and marijuana are dangerous and should be illegal, but I will point out that they are hardly more dangerous than alcohol. I see no real reason why either of them should be illegal and cause one to be given a criminal record. I believe a more reasonable response would be to regulate them like we do alcohol or tobacco.

  • Yes, because marijuana and hemp should be legal.

    The hemp debate is very closely linked with that which argues the legality of recreational marijuana use, and it is common for people to champion hemp as a backdoor approach to legalizing marijuana. As it continues to appear more obvious that marijuana is one of the safest recreational drugs out there, whether or not a 'hemp renaissance' is necessary, the conditions which allow for this renaissance are.

  • No, because we have enough problems as is

    The fact that marijuana is referred to as the 'safest recreational drug' doesn't change the fact that it's a mood-altering substance that can severely damage your health after continued use. It's bad enough we have to worry about second-hand cigarette smoke and the health concerns involved; second-hand marijuana smoke can be behavior altering as well. I don't believe people have the right to use substances that infringe on the health of others.

  • No, because I do not feel that either should be legal.

    I do not feel that we need a hemp renaissance. The bottom line is that drugs are drugs there is no way around that fact. As soon as we start to legalize one drug more will follow and people will so begin to see it as an everyday thing that is okay to be done. It is a backdoor gateway to get to pot and it is no more okay than smoking pot.

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