• Yes we do

    It may be expensive but we can get to places much faster because we travel to a bunch of places each year for graduitions marriges and other things and because when people say the words " Trump is coming!' we can get away from that racst taco hating man quickly

  • Yes, its ecologic and faster!!!

    America is part of the counties with the most gas consumption worldwide. If we think about it economically and ecologically it would be better because high speed rails do not consume gas but electricity, it would create jobs and specifically be useful to businesses. Society is always in a hurry, from shipping things to going somewhere time is an issue. For example taking a bus (depends on gas) from LA to San Francisco takes approximately 6 hours but when with a high speed rail (300km/h-188mls/h) would take 2 hours.!!!!!
    What about that :)

  • Greatly in need of high-speed rail.

    America does need a high-speed rail system. With air travel being congested and the desire for people to travel within the U.S. to other states, we would greatly benefit from high-speed rail. As of now, only the Northeast corridor seems to have access to this. It would be great to have this service coast-to-coast.

  • Yes, we do.

    It would be a cheap form of travel for many people who have to commute every day to get to work, it could also be very profitable over time given that to some it would be a luxury to ride on a high-speed rail system. Many people would benefit greaty from this.

  • Yes, America needs a high-speed rail system

    Transportation in Ameria is a mess. Cars are leading to tremendous pollution, and traffic, which in turn leads to frustrated drivers. A high-speed rail system could ease our impact on the environment, while allowing people to get to their destination in a much more comfortable and less stressful way. It's a win across the board.

  • America dose not need high speed rail.

    It's not possible to have high speed trains in the United States of American only the two in the northeast and California so there are many rural areas that we love even our beloved historic locomotives like the EMD F7, or the E6 and even the regional railroads for now on this country is the way we were and natural.

  • America does not need a high-speed rail system

    We aren't Europe, there are many rural places in the US that would be against this. With regards to the Northeast corridor, there are too many obstacles to deal with (Acela for example can only go fast in a couple of areas). It would cost millions which we don't have. You can either take the existing train service, drive your car/carpool, take a bus, or take a flight.

  • America does not need a high-speed rail system.

    Because America is a large country, a high-speed rail system would not be cost effective. It would take years to build this system, and would cost millions of dollars or more. Most Americans love the freedom of driving their own car, and would rather drive than take a train. Rural areas especially wouldn't support a system. Because of cost, and low usership, America neither needs nor could afford a high-speed rail system.

  • America does not need a high-speed rail system

    America does not need a high-speed rail system to go along with every other pollution causing car in this country. Why so we can go faster and have to take more anti anxiety medication because we were not made to move at such a fast pace. I do not think this is money well spent.

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