• We have lost what they founded

    The US is now turning into a communist run, money stealing sanctuary for the lazy and the uneducated.The liberal mindset has ruined it with their "everyone owes me" attitudes. At what point in time can you say that because of your bad decisions, I need to give you what I worked and sweat for? At what point will people stop being handed things and learn sacrifice to have what they need to survive?

  • Our Corporate Greed is Destroying the Planet

    Our food is full of GMOs, preservatives, and sugars. We destroy the earth with mono cropping, and now every American's diet is mostly some type of modified corn product. Despite having a very small population, we produce the most waste and take up the most resources. Whistle blowers like Snowden and Manning are being insanely prosecuted. Our government is abusing all our rights by watching every little thing we say and do. Our MEDIA is a joke, bought for by our government. Third party politicians don't even stand a tiny chance at winning. But most of all: the American PEOPLE need a revolution for themselves. Stop being fat, unhealthy, and apathetic! CARE!

  • REVOLT And Be Free

    Thomas Jefferson said every 15 to 20 years there needs to be a revolution. "Blood must be shed". For any government left in power for too long becomes evil. Our government has gone too long unchecked and is 200 years over due. The people need to stick together, that's the only way we can do this. Seems to me half of the country is awake and half is still has the wool over their eyes. Its up to us to stop being lazy stop spending our youth in front of a tv or video games, and read books on how our forefathers revolted against the queen and stopped being slaves. It will be a long road if we choose the same great path as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the rest of the great men who wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Our children's children and their children will look back and say wow they did it. Those crazy s.O.B.'s did it. In the face of the most powerful and imperial governments in history, they freed this country and gave it back to the people.

  • Yes we do!

    I don't think it is possible to impeach Obama, so yes the future and safety depends on a revolutionary war to get him out of office. He is causing more damage and more rapid growing Government. He is too dangerous to be left in office, one way or another he needs to be removed. When Obama first became President I thought he was going to be like any other or do the exact opposite of what he's doing now. But as time goes by I realized that we are losing a degree of freedom by the day. It adds up and eventually he will become emperor, HE MUST BE STOPPED.

  • It is the only way at this point

    The plutocrats have bought the politicians. The middle class has no power to change the government. The current plutocrats become even more wealthy as the system they created rapes the labor of humanity. It is time to rid the plutocrats of their power. The plutocrats will not give up their power on their own.

    If the working poor want change, it will have to be by means of revolution. The government is owned by the plutocrats. It is best to go after the plutocrats as it is always advised to cut off the head of the snake.

  • Corrupt politicians, lies, liberties being taken away what next?

    While many people may people may believe that a new revolution in America is not needed, nor advised, I beg to differ. Several issues that many often forget but terrify me include: freedom, privacy, and believe it or not, the right to speak freely. Often times when people ask "Well what freedom's have they taken away?" The first thing that comes to my mind is the Patriot Act. First of all, is it even constitutional? Is it a human right to be detained indefinably without trial, or knowing, why? What would our founding fathers have to say about that one bill? As for privacy two bills comes to mind, that have recently been shot down: CISPA and SOPA. Now maybe the bills themselves aren't bad ideas, but if the bills had been passed an implemented who's to say that they wouldn't have been abused and used to instead to see who's on facebook or twitter at a certain time, and then use something they said on the internet against them later if for some reason the person ever had to go court for some reason or other? And what about drones hovering near the Mexican America border? While I understand it's good to stop potential illegal immigrants from crossing the border, how hard would it be to instead spy on the American public like in George Orwell's 1984? Now as for free speech while it's true we can still say what we want, why is it if we put together a mass non-violent protest the police STILL show up in full riot gear even if the protesters do no harm? Why can we only hold these protests in "Free-speech zones". Now if that's not taking away free speech I don't know what is. We are run by a congress and a president who appear to have no desire to cooperate and the current president, based on his want to give handouts and make everyone equal, clearly holds socialist beliefs. I'm all for everyone being equal, but you CAN'T give out free healthcare and control the aspects of a citizen's life that should be private to them! Europe right now is showing us this, socialism does NOT work! One need only take a look at Greece and agree! History has also shown that socialism will eventually lead to communism and tyranny. One need only look at the history of the world to know this. Now can anyone argue that we DON'T need a revolution of some sort? Our country was built on the belief that we were given inalienable rights from our creator, that we the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit if happiness. As Thomas Jefferson said "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with blood of patriots and tyrants."

  • An Electoral Revolution. The Plurality-Winner System Has to Go

    Revolution is just a mass change in the public leading to great changes in institutions. We don't need a violent revolution. What we need is enough pissed off people to vote for third party and independent candidates not just in the presidency but Congress and at the state level. This may only be a partial success at first but the long-term goal to aim at is to amend the US and State Constitutions to enable a multi-party system. There are different ways to do this. We could use a proportional representation system based on voting for a party and it gets a certain percentage. We could also combine proportional representation with picking one or ranking candidates in a list of the party of your choice. Or there's also the single-transferable vote/instant-run off system where you rank candidates and the last place candidate's votes are transferred each round until there is a majority. Either way the Plurality-Winner System has to go.

  • Um, Revolution? Yes Please

    The government needs to be put in its place. It needs to be reminded that it was created to serve the people, not those that are in figure head positions. Just stating that we need to "calm down" and refusing to believe that a revolution may be needed is just what is bringing us down. The country was founded by rebels...Traitors....Is that not what we have now?

  • The line 'land of the free' is beginning to become quite obscure.

    When our founding fathers conquered this nation, they placed guidelines that posed as the foundation to a great nation. At that time, it was a task that was easy to accomplish; a fresh new country in a time that lacked technology. They believed they had created a free world perfect for any man. Yeah, that was about 250 years ago. And it was a time where they laid down their blueprints of lies and corruption, and decieved the world to believe it was an equal and fair place. The freedom was there, but it hid behind the thick walls of greed. Their predecessors over the next couple centuries had to arise to the new technologies, which inevitably dwindled our sense of freedom. The Internet and satellites gave the leaders the power they strived, and soon privacy was lost. New amendments only seemed to cause strict guidelines to the American way of life. Not to mention, the way people thought back then was far different from now. The average person who received equal rights, the perfect symbol to stand for "we the people" in which was presumed to be the dominant human, was the typical white man. Any other race or women were looked down upon. As they gained their rights, we as a nation felt obligated to cater them to redeem ourselves. Yet, now any other train of thought is frowned upon and unacceptable. It seems as if the government and society are forcing acceptance, yet diminishing the freedom they stood by for centuries. The media brainwashed us to believe there is only one right way to look at things, and looking at it the other way makes you a bad person. The media blames guns for the crimes we face, and suddenly people are burning their weapons and going against the right to bare arms. Not thinking that maybe it's the people who are at fault. We cater the ones who are usually at fault for this nations problems, thus creating a country where the people strive on poverty as the government gives them what they need, which eventually rids the motivation for them to do things on their own. Since our founding fathers, it has become the land of the free and the home of the greed. Revolution to wipe the land of the lies it was unknowingly built upon No more government eyes watching us from the technology that binds together our every day life. No more media brainwashing. No more catering of those who bring us down. The government now does not have the capabilities to do so, but we, as the people, can stand together from atop of our empire that we took from the greedy leaders. And we will look down upon a truly free land, a paradise that we created. From revolution to prosperity we can achieve. So, may the eyes of revolution guide us all.

  • We need an actual leader

    It has been 30 years since I think an actual leader/president has actually done something to benefit this country and that was Reagan. We need someone to at least try and lead and speak for the people or at least make suggestions to the president for the people and one way if we can't figure that out ourselves might be a revolution. The reason we have the second amendment is so that if our government ever got so corrupt that we had to revolt to fix it we can. I think now is that time.

  • United we stand, divided we fall

    There does not need to be a revolution in America. A revolution would send this country into a depression, and create more unemployment. We had a "mini revolution" during occupy Wall Street, half the people protesting, didn't even know why they were there. It was a complete waste of time, and accomplished nothing. We're a good country, a solid country, we're not perfect, but I think we're headed in the right direction. I think Americans need to educate themselves on few things: we're a " I want it now" nation. We need to learn patience, we need to learn to save money, spend wisely, and work hard. We have become to entitled, and that's a problem.

  • No, we are going in the right direction.

    I think that only a very vocal and small minority would seriously try to argue that American needs a revolution. America as a nation is strong and is going in the right direction, and a revolution would serve to undo all of that. We have some work to do, but let's not go crazy.

  • It would seem that it does

    Clearly, the American Constitution is the best that has as yet been written. Clearly, it favors individual freedom over collectivist control. Clearly, our government wants to take us to increasingly collectivist structures, global governance, and a centrally planned planned economy. Somewhat simplified and exaggerated: our political, cultural, and intellectual leaders want a variant of Communism for Americans that is based on the notion of "equality" and "social justice". Unfortunately, we are obviously all quite unequal and what the Left calls "social justice" appears more like privileges to people like me. The more people depend on government subsidies, the more the will vote for those who promise to perpetuate and increase these subsidies. This will inevitably lead to a society of parasites. Ultimately, it will lead to a centralized communist system in which a privileged nomenclatura controls the rest of us. If we do not want to that what can we realistically do? Vote one corrupt illuminato(a) out and replace him/her with another one? Even if the new (wo)man is not yet corrupt the system will soon corrupt him/her. Those who wish to maintain a society based on maximum individual freedom and minimum government or who wish to prevent the advent of serfdom in the disguise of social security will not have much time to stem the tide. Once our dear government has confiscated our guns, it's over. Without even the minimal tools of armed resistance such resistance becomes suicide. Time is running out. Soon, our government will drum up some pretence emergency, declare martial law and confiscate firearms. This is why gun owners must organize and use solidarity against overwhelming government force.

  • These people have no idea what they are asking for !!

    Armed revolution, Obama can declare Marshall Law wave the constitution !

    Look at Egypt, Syria the entire middle east for that matter. That is what revolution looks like. Is that what you want? Your family friends neighbors and loved ones being slaughtered in the streets. Because that is exactly what it will become.
    Once the Government declares marshall law then the outsiders come in and take over (JUST LIKE EGYPT IRAQ AFGANISTAN SYRIA AND SO ON...)


  • We Are Fine

    America is going through some rough times right now, but we will be fine. All countries go through this and the United States will be a better country in the long run. The last thing we need is a revolution. We just need to make a plan and stick to it.

  • We still do not have a reason

    Our country is not perfect, but we are far from a Revolution. We still have out 10 amendments and other rights. If some congressmen want to take away your rights, Do not vote them in or do not reelect them. If you do not like ObamaCare, elect people who will defund it. If you do not like corporations, do not buy from them. Start civil awareness, but just because people make a lot of money, like Wall Street and business leaders, should not be thought as corrupted. They worked hard, and took major risk. A revolutions is only needed if the nations has one party, like the Purge, and are taking away a natural right. We are fine now and will always be if we help each other be more educated in politics.

  • A Nation of People for the People can only please so many

    The United States of America is a nation built on the love of liberty and want of a better life for our race. The hard-working people have equal chances in this open, capitalistic economy. We are constantly changing anyway, with new Presidents, Congressmen, social media campaigns, and constant strife and victories for human rights. How can a nation of at least 318.9 million please every citezen, especcially in an open democracy accessible for all. What would a revolution accomplish, as the governent system has been created for the availability of a peaceful revolution. No bloodshed is needed. May God bless the United States of America, and may people of all race, orientations, and religions of this great nation carry n the work of our Founding Fathers and aid the nations around the world who are in need of our aid.

  • It would most likely fail

    Unless you had the support of the military any rebellion would be crushed, by the American army. And assuming you won, what would you actually gain?

    If there was a rebellion, I seriously doubt the US government is going to go down without a fight, the country would be devastated in the fighting. After the rebellion your living standard would go down considerably, probably for quite some time.

    And at the end you would just end up forming either a new government/s depending on how things went, that first move would be to impose high taxes for the rebuilding of the nation. Depending on what type of government you form you could be a lot worse off, there would be no guarantee on what freedoms you would have afterwards.

    In the end you will be paying taxes, to a bunch of new idiot politicians and the only thing that would be different is you would get a new constitution/maybe a new capital for the nation.

    And should it fail you will end up with a lot of dead Americans for nothing and probably the gun control laws you all fear so much/an end to the right to bear arms.

  • We're still the best country in the world.

    America remains the greatest nation on the face of the Earth, overall. Despite what many people claim, most Americans are far from poverty. There is no doubt times have been hard recently, but we will pull through it. America still remains the center of nearly everything, including education, the arts, power, and most importantly: innovation. We the people shall be able to pull through the recent hard times. America is not doomed, there are many intelligent, imaginative people in this wonderful country.

  • Yes, but no

    While corruption and all manners of vices continue to be problems in the govt, I don't think we've gotten to the point of a need for a revolution yet (keyword yet). I would ask all of the people who said no not to stick their heads in the sand or be too optimistic. As the income gap is projected to become wider, life in the US for a lot of people will become harder. So I don't think we need one right now, but I see a revolution coming sometime in the future.

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YouBet says2013-09-25T12:58:57.577
REVOLUTION Can Happen right at the voting booth if people get off there asses and stop watching Milley cirus or whomever, And get involved. Rather than sitting around on there fat lazy ass complaining about EVERYTHING !
YouBet says2013-09-25T13:01:02.523
Revolution is at the voting booth !!! Get off your lazy ass and get involved !!!