• No Secretary of Culture Needed

    We have enough secretaries as it is. Why would we need a Secretary of Culture. There is surely plenty of room to fit this category into one of the ones we already have. Seems we already spend too much wasteful time trying to create new positions when the positions are not needed. This thought applies to small and large communities as well

  • No, it is not necessary

    The last thing America needs is another pointless intrusive government entity. Film, music, arts, museums, and anything else that might be lumped under culture are thriving without some bloated Presidential cabinet interfering. We need to be looking for ways to reduce government positions, not trying to fund more positions whose only reason for existing would be as a means of political payback.

  • And the point of that position would be what?

    That's just ridiculous. America's founding principles are of those of freedom of religion, expression, speech, ethnicity, and beliefs. Any kind of regulating government position for the idea of "culture" would be a fascist institution that would surely secure American's fate as going down the drain. That idea is simply ridiculous and completely counterproductive to America's continuing development.

  • Needless

    America has a rich culture that is constantly being influenced and altered by others, but we don't need an official government position...doing what, exactly? Regulating culture? That's not how it works, this would be a position that nobody would take seriously and I can't imagine what its duties would be.

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