• The future is FEMALE.

    America needs feminism because without it, America doesn't exist. If Hillary Clinton would have won over Donald Trump, America would have the first feminist to sit in the Oval Office. Unfortunately, with Donald Trump, it turned into a dictatorship controlled by the Republican Party. Democrats stand for America that Republicans don't. This is now the time to say that a WOMAN deserves the presidency!

  • It depends on which form of feminism.

    It is difficult to say whether or not in our current society women are disenfranchised or not, but I tend to think that as of now, they have the same rights as men.

    I don't see this as a reason for women-oriented groups to simply cease to exist however. There are groups for almost every facet of human society. There are plenty of men-only groups.

    Perhaps in order to be relevant feminism needs to adapt. Now that rights are equal, they could instead strive towards support for women or some such. The man-hating, extreme side of feminism doesn't really have a place in America, although I'm not sure it ever did. The toned down, positivity side of the group may still help women in today's society, if only to give them an exclusive group to be a part of.

  • We don’t we haven’t for like ever

    So basically if you think we need it ur dumb you can challenge me on this topic but I will demolish you for I researched this and know what I am talking about so if you think I am wrong with fact go ahead I will be waiting for you.

  • We don’t just no

    Ok so feminism is not needed in America America has no need for it all it is now is females believing they get special treatment feminism has literally become the thing it was against so if you say you’re a feminist you are saying women should get more than man for doing less because feminism has become that I don’t care what the dictionary definition is feminism as a whole is not that it is the opposite of that so anyone saying yes plz just don’t I will give you the big beet down if you challenge me on this.

  • America does not need feminism.

    We do not need feminism because feminism today is all about women trying to be BETTER than men, not equal. Also, the definition of feminism (look it up) is "the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes". Guess what? Men are raped too. Men are discriminated against, too. It's not just women. And feminism shows that women are, in fact, WEAK because although men are discriminated against, they brush it off because they are stronger than us women. Don't deny it, either. If you don't like America's current gender situation, get up and do something about it instead of whining and doing absolutely nothing.

  • The only thing we "need" is Egalitarianism.

    From a legal standpoint, women are totally legal to men, and anyone that claims otherwise could just sue to make it so. (It amazes me when other women say "But the wage gap!" Well then, if you have proof why aren't you suing??? DO IT.)
    I believe that we've proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that you don't need to take on the label of feminism to promote equality, and that alone should show you that we don't need it. If you are a decent human being, you will promote equality. Period.

    Why do we need these labels? They're useless.

  • Feminism isn't about equality anymore

    Today both genders are equal. Don't even try to debate this, it's a fact. Things like the wage gap are taken out of context (To sum it up: It simply compares the salary of all men and women and doesn't account for different jobs, job positions, hours worked etc.). Nowadays feminism is just about making women superior to men and blaming their nonexistent problems on "the patriarchy"

  • I am a Girl, yet I have never received any sexism.

    I HAVE been at the receiving end of ableism, I was actually kicked out of my middle school because they didn't want to accommodate any of my needs.

    So as I've said I have been on the end of true discrimination and prejudice in my life, and feminism as of today is pointless, because on a whole women are not oppressed in anyway. At least no more than men are.

    I have also been called a "Traitor" by so-called feminists before, for disagreeing with them and being against abortion. Modern feminism is just crazy...

  • It never did

    No matter what propaganda they like to spread. Woman have had just as many rights as men CLEAR back to 1100 A.D. ( according to research ). 1100 A.D. Was when Coverture existed and it ONLY APPLIED TO WOMAN ACCEPTING ( by their OWN FREE WILL ) a marriage proposal. Its not as if they didn't CHOOSE coverture.

    When the U.S. was first formed Woman had the right to vote; It was later that certain STATES ( not even a majority ) banned women from voting. Women have ALWAYS had the right to work and own, operate and earn wealth. They just got mad because they wanted all those things for free.


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