• Yes. 100% yes.

    America needs to become more progressive in the upcoming years. I think the main hindrance right now is the outspokenness of the Tea Party, but that movement will likely fizzle out sometime in the semi-near future. Socially, we desperately need to progress as a people. It's hypocritical for this nation to hold itself up as the epitome of what it means to have freedom while at the same time refusing to give equal protection under the law to a minority group (gay marriage).

    I would suggest, however, that we revert back to our traditional stance as an isolationist country when it comes to military matters. I have no problem fighting in wars where our involvement is both just and necessary (WWI and WWII), but we need to stop taking EVERY opportunity presented to us as a justification for invading another country, especially weak ones that pose no threat to our national security.

  • Yes

    We've still got a lot of problems left to address. Like gay Marriage. I personally am not gay, nor do I have any problems with gay people. But if I wanted to be married and was told no just because of my partner's sex, I'd be crushed and heart broken. Its unfair. Some people want to experience the magic that couples go through when getting married. And I think gay couples should be able to experience it as well.

  • We Need to Move Forward

    Progressive is often associated with bad, but that isn't always the case. Think about where we would be if we hadn't progressed past some of the darkest parts of our history. Moving away from slavery was considered progressive, but I certainly wouldn't want to go back to that particular way of life.

  • Yes, of course.

    Progress is certainly a good thing. Any country that chooses to remain as it has always been will become stale and stop growing. That does not mean that the country has to completely change and lose its identity, but the country must grow and change along with the rest of the world.

  • NO

    America does not need more progressive values. If anything, we need to return to certain traditional values.

    Diversity is a good thing, but it only creates problems for everybody involved when it's rammed down people's throats. While I firmly am against segregation, I am also against forceful desegregation, which is every bit as racist as segregation itself.

    We need to return to traditional values in our military system and embrace a much more isolationist stance. We need to return to traditional values in our economic system and protect American jobs from being shipped to countries that allow their citizens to be treated like dogs.

    In summation, I believe that we need to put a modern spin on traditional values and embrace those with all our hearts.

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