• Most definitely yes!

    Not enough people learning about the world, but instead assuming that they know everything about it. An understanding of how things work creates an environment to further understanding. If we all had a better understanding of science then there would be more advancements in our society as compared to now.

  • Yes Yes Yes

    We need them for multiple things. Without them,we can't have new technology,or we could't do anything. With more scientists we can get more accomplished and get more done. I personally want to be a scientists,and we need more of them,to help us and get better technology and help us develop weapons and other stuff like that.

  • STEM careers in the USA = better economy

    Imagine what things would be like without cars, sturdy buildings, nuclear power, coal power, plumbing, computers, internet, internet software, applications software, timing devices, cell phones, flight, antibiotics, radio, television, vaccines, lasers, refrigerators, radar, plastic, or even just the transistor. These things make life easier for the amount of people currently living on earth. More of this could help us make hard things more efficient and easier to deal with.

  • Well the human species won't advance at all without scientists.

    Us as humans don't have a point to be here, were an accident. A good one though, we need to make a point. And considering from our ancesters the point is to be dominant and advanced to have the upperhand. We took a big leap in the past 100 years. We skipped a big step, we barely know about earth and we are going to space? We went from 1,2,3 to 1,2,9. We skipped a big amount knowledge. So I guess we should just keep going to space, since we are one of the the earliest things in our universe. Since we went from 1,2,9 why go back to 3,4,5,6,7,8. Human brains are evolving more and more everyday, most of our brains are being wasted. What do we need economy for? We are a whole species but people split us up. A hobo on the street could have the highest IQ ever. We should just have no money at all, just share our food and water, be one big nation. With more people equals more scientists. If my vocabulary is not good I'm only 12 years old.

  • Yes we do.

    I don't think that we really have anything to gain as a country if we think that we do not need more scientists. Scientists are the foundation of what makes us understand the world and to make things better for us. We need as many as we can get these days.

  • America needs more scientists

    America is currently in need of research and development in new technologies and we lack the scientific manpower to undertake this effort. With unskilled jobs continuously being taken by foreign countries who can pay workers lower wages it seems that the only way for the United States to gain an advantage is with more skilled and specialized workers.

  • Science is what drives success and progress.

    We need to cure diseases. We need to drive the economy. We need to engineer a more effective goverment. We need to get answers to help us make moral decisions. We need to improve health and health care. We need to fight wars. Scientists come in many different types. They are the key in maximizing results while reducing resources. Everyone should be a scientist. Creative scientists.

  • Yes, we need more scientists

    In order to stay relevant in terms of global science, yes we need more scientists. There are always more discoveries to be made and current technologies that can be improved to provide a greater good. As the leading world power, we need more scientists to keep up with and stay ahead of competition, most notably the Chinese.

  • We have no idea of what to do with all the scientists we have

    I have a Science PhD from Stanford, and I have found no full time employment within 2 years of searching. Nor have the majority of my peers, even ones who I considered the very best that Stanford could produce. Those who have found work have mainly found it abroad, in China, Japan, Europe, Australia, and Mexico. I remember thinking this was a good idea to pursue a PhD, I had heard the myth again and again that there are jobs needing to be filled by scientists, and they are needed here in America. The job market (and need) is just not here. And there are already plenty of us desperately seeking a job in anything science related.

    Also fun science fact to the response that humans brains are evolving more and more everyday; this is also just not true, look at the human brain size over the last 50 thousand years, we need (and use) our brains less today than ever before.

  • We need more jobs for scientists

    A PhD in chemistry = anger, fear, regret, and poverty
    I am just one of the many PhD chemistry graduates this year that are struggling to find any type of employment. PhD researchers in PhD science programs are just a cheap source of exploited labor and cheap source of people to teach undergraduate courses and labs. That sounds horrible, but actually that is fine by me if there was a good job at the end of all that hard work and sacrifice. However, everyone I have graduated with this year is either unemployed, adjunct teaching faculty (salary about 20,000.00/ year) or working at a postdoctoral researcher with no potential job on the horizon. Do not fall for the idea that we need more scientists what we need is more jobs for scientists. Most recent PhD scientists do a post doc for a few years and then leave the science field entirely when they can’t find a job.
    If you really love science be a K-12 science teacher, but don’t get a PhD in science is just not worth it.

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