• Yes we do

    We live in a time of unprecedented prosperity, with our material wealth unquestionably at an all-time high, while the morals of our nation show signs of serious erosion. And, even as the majority of our citizens openly acknowledge the importance of faith in their individual lives, a minority no less openly assaults the idea that religion has a place in our national life. It is both the best of times and the worst of times.
    Many of us here could easily bear witness to the importance of faith in our individual lives, and I count myself among them. Similarly, many of us could argue strongly for the importance of faith for society at large--such as its role in strengthening marriage and family, inspiring voluntarism, as well as reducing crime and drug use

  • America Needs Religion

    Religion is extremely important to me and millions of Americans. Only 1.4 percent of Americans are atheists. Many people rely on religion to the answers of their problems. If we teach children about God (not in a way involving specific religions), it can reduce crime and make children more kind.

  • Good religion helps people and society.

    Not everyone needs to follow religious teaching, but perhaps most do.

    Systematic religious teaching provides a pathway and guidelines for people who wish to lead responsible, rewarding and beneficial lives. Some people become fanatical and, for them, their religion becomes toxic, but most don't.

    Toxic religion harms the practitioners and others affected by them. But normal, moderate religious teaching and practice is good for society.

  • Its not religions fault

    As plausible as it seems to simply blame religion for every ones problems, that is simply not the case. The reason no one ever gets anything done is because they are squabbling over who's belief reigns more true when they should be working together to find the truth. Plus, Religion in itself is inherently good. It teaches good morals like don't steal, don't murder, don't be a general douche, and the like. It's just that some people go crazy with it and it hinders our progress. You could say that America needs religion now more than ever because for one, it was never proven to be wrong, two: taking away a good source of hope for the people could destroy us instead of saving us, three: religion has been around since we came to be. It's not going to go anywhere, four:Even though it might inspire some twisted evil, people seem to forget about all the good it has done for the world to. It gives men something to aspire to and be like for the greater good. True, some use it to control the masses, but it doesn't have to be that way, and five: Despite the fact that so many people deny it today, everything we do or think about has a basis in religion. It's a part of our lives like it or not, and it always has been, and it probably will always be. There's no use fighting it. That's what really sets us back. You might as well accept that religion is here to stay, so quit whining.

    Posted by: O.Z
  • I like the first comment

    Religion is everything that is wrong with the world. Because of religion we are thousand of years behind on technology, the belief that there is a man in the sky or a 'Magical Sky Daddy' is borderline insanity, if you were to tell a shrink or counsellor you believe there is someone in the sky that created everyone they would send you to an insane asylum, religion is horrible and has brought on a rascist, homophobic, outcasting, self righteous, potensious, uptight and unenjoyable world, it has ruined everything fun and should be outcasted throughout the world.

  • Religion has done more harm than good

    America does not need the belief in a magical sky daddy. Slavery, homophobia, segregation, racism, etc. Were all a direct result of Biblical teachings. Moreover, religion is the antagonist of reason, as one of the previous posters pointed it out.

    America would be much better off with more science than more religion.

  • Why choose Religion?

    Religion is the antagonist of reason. Religion might've acted as an explanation for the phenomena that occurred in the times before humans doubted what they knew. Religion might've been the common bond many people shared that allowed greater communication between tribes, or even brought tribes to war, it encouraged growth. Religion might've been the hope where people felt despair.
    There is no need to over-simplify answers to questions anymore, or pray for help when someone could just as easily help themselves. There is no need for a common bond anymore when someone in Russia can communicate with someone in the Bermuda Triangle at or near greater the speed of light. There is no need for religion when religion promotes unquestioning adherence to outdated laws and over-masculinity in the men.
    Overall humanity might be better off with less religion and more sex.

  • Society will NOT collapse without religion.

    In fact, it will succeed without religion.
    1. Religion has been against many things (stem cell research, condoms, anything scientific) which would greatly advance our society. Even things such as marijuana are potentially useful in medical science, but a lot of religious people continue to stand their ground and are trying to prevent the progress. (Also yes it is mostly religious people because like 80% of America is Christian. That isn't even mentioning other religions.)
    2. Religion has been used to promote bigotry. Period.
    3. There are BAD messages in Holy Books. I mean ALL of them.
    Also there are plenty of Nordic countries that have a minority of religious people, and they are doing very well. Probably better than we are, so.....
    This should be self-evident to everyone.

  • Family and Principles of Learning

    Religion is the mask of human flaw, it allows people to ignore their own flaws and focus on the flaws of others. Not to mention most region comes from mistranslated, five hundred year old books. All of which were used to control people by keeping them ignorant to reason. If you want to have good mannered children, you need to be good mannered as well. If you are going to raise your children in a house where mom and dad can claim whether or not a person is going to hell and whether a person has a good heart than your children will most likely do the same. They will be judgmental sectarians who will inevitably divide their world into good and bad, black and white and left vs right. In other words, they will be sheep. While if you raise your kids on universal values of humanity, they will most likely be moral people, without the aid of a book. If you want to change society, it starts best with your own family and yourself. No government aid program, or church outreach will ever have more of an impact on society than One family or One good hearted person can have

  • Nothing truly needs religion.

    Religion is a human construct; in other words, it is made-up. Religions, especially Christianity and Islam, have always been used as a tool of oppression (such as dictating the "role of women", discriminating against homosexuals, and restricting social progress). In essence, religion is merely a tool man has invented in order to justify enslaving and murdering his own species - and frankly, we could do without that.

  • No it doesn't

    America doesn't need religion. It interferes with the government, like with abortion and schools. Religion also dosent benefit the economy or any other important aspect. Also it adds to conflict and terrorism. In general the cons defiantly outweigh the pros and this country is going to be for more better off having the government revolve around science.

  • Secular nations do not need religion

    America was founded as the first secular nation in the world. By definition, religion is not necessary for the country to survive. None of the laws were founded by aid of one particular religion, and the government does not respect one religion over another. Religion could be completely abolished and it would not affect the inner-workings of America in the slightest.

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Mrparkers says2013-06-19T06:56:16.837
Only a theocracy would NEED religion. The answer is quite obvious if you look at the wording of the question.
Anonymous says2013-06-27T01:30:24.570
Of course not. Remember the first amendment: You can practice or don't practice any religion at all. Simple, right?