Does America need to do something about media violence?

  • Endorsing rape, murder, torture as valid subjects of entertainment is not ok of there is any chance it could inspire someone to copy

    I was sickened and disgusted when slasher films first came out. The extreme violence often linked with sex and misogyny. Now there is a new breed of films that seem th exist to purely satisfy the sadistic. It truly is torture porn. The more that it is sanctioned by culture the more the message "rape, cruelty, murder and violence are OK as subjects for entertainment". I love horror but nowadays there are sick people making sick films. It desensitises us to cruelty and violence and that is not a good thing. People are tortured and murdered in real life. That's bad enough. If people really feel the need to see a banned exploitation flick to satisfy their craving for sadism I question their mental health.

  • Yes, but it won't

    Yes, there is too much violence on TV, in movies, and in video games. In my opinion, America needs to do something about it, but the sad reality is, it won't. People love the violence, and they'll start screaming about free speech and censorship as soon as someone attempts to touch it.

  • Humans learn by example

    The excessive violence on television and in movies sends a message to children and young people that this type of behavior is acceptable. Some people have subconsciously adopted violent behavior to deal with their problems, WE SHOUYLD PROMOTE EDUCATION AND MATH,SCIENCE. HUMANS NEED TO SOLVE PROBLEMS WITHOUT PHYSICAL VIOLENCE! !

  • Yes.

    The excessive violence on television and in movies sends a message to children and young people that this type of behavior is acceptable. Some people have subconsciously adopted violent behavior to deal with their problems, and this can put a number of people in serious danger. The glamorized portrayal of violence also reduces the chances that people will communicate effectively and respectfully.

  • Yes

    Looking at the perspective of the news or even the movies of today's violence it is simply clear of the impact it has in today's violence. It seems as in a way giving so much attention at the criminals and not enough of the victims it is quite ironic when you consider how much of a negative effect the media has in real life volence

  • We Need To Do Something

    The United States definitely needs to do something about media violence. I had no problem with it in the past but it is getting out of control. Television shows, movies, and even video games are filled with violence these days. We need to tone it down a little because all of this could lead to something negative.

  • Evidence supporting negative effects of media violence is inconclusive and probably overblown.

    For every study showing that media violence is definitely has a negative impact, there is another study showing that it is inconclusive or entirely unrelated. People have always blamed the media for violence in their children and in their lives. Violence stems as much from personal problems as viewing it in media. Violent media may possibly make people violent, or already violent people will watch violent media. It may make you desensitized to violence, or it could show you what results from violence, making you sway away from such actions.

    It depends upon the person in particular watching the media, a related example, someone may take a derogatory comment as a joke, but it may seriously impact their mood and self esteem.

    Every time regulations are passed on something, especially forms of media and, sadly, consumables, they will continue to be in high demand, and trade of such items will not stop.
    Because most media is digital in these days, restrictions would not work properly, as it would require censoring the Internet, which is nigh impossible and arguably unconstitutional. The censoring of media in general gets out of hand and excessive quickly. As well as it being potentially unconstitutional to censor media, it would cause much public outrage.

    Drug and Alcohol abuse are much greater causes of violence than media is, as media may simply desensitize you, while intoxicating substances inhibit your self-control and judgment, yet, people are saying we should censor media and make drugs legal, which seems like a contradiction in logic to me.

    In summary, censorship would be impractical, violence in media does not consistently cause positive or negative effects, and in the event that my main concern was violence, I would first outlaw many other things, such as drugs and alcohol, which I will note that the prohibition of alcohol also seems impractical, as shown in the 1920's, first.

  • No. Hands Off My Freedom of Expression!

    Whenever there's a rash of gun violence, people always want to point to media violence as scapegoat. American entertainment, including a our violent movies and video games are consumed by the rest of world. Yet, no other country has seen the almost persistent parade of senseless shooting tragedies. So the media isn't to blame. Something else is at the bottom of the onslaught of violence.

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