Does America need to reform the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act?

  • Yes

    As technology advances, so does the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Well, at least it needs too. There are many more ways that someone cannot commit these crimes, and now that people do almost everything/anything online, including banking and classes, being a victim of these crimes can be outstanding. These acts not only need to be reformed, but need to be more harsh and severe.

  • Yes. Computer related laws need constant attention.

    I believe that any law pertaining to computers, especially a law that involves abuse and fraud, needs to be modified. The problem with laws that are even a few years old is that the fast advancement of technology creates an abundance of legal loopholes that give room to those who intend harm to get around them.

  • Unnecessary.

    The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is specifically tailored towards just that, fraud and abuse. It doesn't deal with advances in technology, hardware, software, etc. The current writing is several years old, granted, but remains perfectly acceptable for current standards and current practices towards fraud and abusive tendencies on the internet.

  • This law relates to fraudulent access and its damage to Nation and Person

    Computer related laws that are very specifically worded would most definitely need revision as the technology changes. The CFAA is not dependent in any way on software, operating system, hardware, or anything that once it changes would have a direct affect on the law. It is directed wholly and completely at fraud and abuse. Unauthorized access or exceeding one's authorization for the sole purpose of obtaining restricted data that if disclosed will bring harm to the United States, a foreign government and it is the intent to cause such harm cannot ever change with the times. As relates to this law, what changes is the information, not the way it is stored and retrieved. Having read the entire statute, I think it is very likely the clearest document ever written by the Federal Government.

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