Does America need to replace the Electoral College with direct popular voting?

  • Yes, the electoral college needs to go.

    The electoral college needs to be eliminated. A direct popular vote would allow for a more fair assessment of the countries desire. There have been multiple presidents who have won the electoral college votes but have failed to win the popular vote. The president should be elected by the majority of the people.

  • And smaller votes

    And far smaller votes. Obviously the President and VP could be voted for directly, but more power should be taken on a state level. State legislatures used to vote on Senators, and used to have far more power in decision making. Direct voting and smaller votes would mean more fair outcomes.

  • A good system

    No, I do not think that the electoral college should be changed to simply the most popular vote. The government set this system up like they did for a reason, and it is important to have the electoral college make the final decision. They are very smart people and know what they are doing.

  • Direct popular voting is not the problem.

    The current presidential electoral process is broken. There are many reasons for this, but a direct popular vote is not really the answer. Changing the rules so that if a candidate wins a district, then that the representation of that district, or the "vote" goes to the candidate. In the current system, the entirety of the "votes" goes to whoever won the state, regardless of how close it was. This kind of cheats a candidate out of votes. This more accurately depicts the voice of the people.

  • No but a different system

    I don't think we should use simple popular votes on the presidential election. I think the way it is set up is the better way for our country. I do think the electoral college system needs to be updated a bit but the basic function of it should be kept in place.

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