• Yes, we do.

    Crime runs rampant in our society. Death row, abortion, etc. Even just murders on the streets. They have become much more common because we live in a culture of death... It is a never ending cycle. Death row just basically says, "I can kill people, but you can't, because if you kill a person, I'll kill you," from the government's perspective, which is very hypocritical. Even rape and the objectification of women is an example of how we are a culture of death. We basically see these women as objects, not human beings. Men who watch porn or rapists objectify the men and women whom they watch and rape, stripping them of their personhood.

    I find it all very sad and wish that it could be fixed.

  • Yes, Clearly

    Why? Because we're taught that the most important things to ourselves ought to be the material things. "Success" is defined for us by society in material terms. As evidence look at how short our mandatory paid vacation is compared to the happier nations of Europe. We don't even have one. If the point of life is to just amass a fortune of money then people think "why even live?" this usually gets sublimated so the person doesn't kill themselves and comes out producing this culture of death.
    We should focus on our happiness, just being happy, not "pursuing" it. Happiness can not be pursued, it must be realized. The point of life is happiness, not amassing a fortune of cash and toys. People in Europe understand that, and not only are they happier they are also healthier and live longer.

  • Yes, we have a culture that is overly interested in death and violence.

    Despite the fact that most of us lead rather normal lives concerned with jobs and family, the focus of much of our media choices is on death, violence, apathy and emptiness. The media in most cases only produce what will sell, and what will sell the most. It seems to be neutral regarding whether what they sell is life-promoting or not. It doesn't seem a valid response to say that we are not obsessed with death as a culture once you take a serious look at what we consider to be entertainment.

  • It's full of it.

    The US has the death penalty, loves guns (a weapon used to kill, usually not defense despite what people say), Americans love their war-filled past and think it's a reason why their country is better, and the US owns nuclear weapons. It's pretty terrible. It's murder numbers are high. Funny how so many Americans claim to be pro-life, while they eat their burgers and don't care about the man in death row.

  • Know what 'culture of death' means.

    To even suppose that Americans have a culture of death, one needs to be ignorant of how death cultures look like. Al Qaeda is a culture of death. The Samurai were a culture of death (albeit a much more beautiful one).

  • No, we are as violent as any other country

    America does not have a culture of death. Yes, we have violent movies and video games but so do other countries. The crime rate is higher, but that can be attributed to other factors, such as poverty, drugs, and lack of gun control, not an obsession with death. Even the death sentence is being repealed in most states.

  • America does not possess a 'culture of death'

    I personally do not believe America possesses a culture of death. I think it is very much the opposite , in fact. We feed the poor, we preserve the elderly, and we are abolishing the death sentence while preserving the rights of the unborn babies, namely the right to life. We may be more involved in wars and other military endeavors, but it is with good intentions.

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