Does America spend more on welfare than anything else?

  • Absolutely, No doubt about it.

    The gov't has spend more than half a trillion (that's right trillion) on welfare programs each of the last few years. And no, welfare programs do not include SSI and Medicare. It however does include Medicaid, SNAP, CHIP, WIC, Section 8 housing etc etc. i.e. means-tested programs. It is an utter waste of taxpayers money to continuously enable these irresponsible people.

  • Technically it does

    The largest part of the US budget is social spending, by a long shot - about 55% of federal government spending is on medicare, medicaid, and social security. While people argue that these systems are paid into, the funds are severely mismanaged and depleted, with the majority of people living past retirement ultimately taking more than they give.

  • Welfare Costs Absurd in America

    American's welfare costs are higher than our spending in any other area. With that in mind, the country needs to reduce its welfare spending and make Americans take care of themselves. Otherwise, the country will fall under the weight of welfare expenses over the next twenty to thirty years or so.

  • Yes, Welfare is the leading expense

    Yes, America spends more on welfare than anything else. As I research I find that what America spends the most money on is Defense, SSI, Treasury, and mostly Welfare. Medicaid, Medicare, Food Stamps, and other programs are the leading expenses for this country. At first I thought it was defense but looking more into reliable sources it turns out to be welfare.

  • No this is not true

    This really isn't an opinion question. If you look at statistics on government spending you will see we do not spend the most money on welfare. I do think we spend too much money on welfare but that is very different then saying we spend the most money on welfare.

  • America does not spend more on welfare than anything else.

    America does not spend more on welfare than anything else. America could be doing a lot more to be able to help the Americans get off welfare if they wanted to. They are going to put drug testing and even more restrictions in place to prevent most Americans from being able to get welfare.

  • America does not spend more on welfare than anything else.

    It is documented that the American government spends more on defense than on welfare. We also spend a lot more on infrastructure and essential services. Not a lot of money is actually spent on welfare. People who oppose welfare should look at the real numbers and they should understand where most of the money is actually going.

  • No, America spends more on many other things

    The United States of America spends a lot on welfare but it spends much more on other things. I believe by far that America spends a huge chunk of its money on defense and war overseas. The defense budget is way too high and should be scrapped in order to fund things such as social security, Medicare, and maybe helping the elderly, young, or homeless.

  • Look at the defense budget

    Absolutely not. The Republicans try to stir everyone up and say we are a taking nation. This is true to an extent, say being materialistic, but not to the point that the lower class is so lazy they want the governments money and relax. The money spent on the wars that was off the books along with a defense department that is SO big that it can not even audit itself is more the problem. This is where the bulk of the money is spent.

  • As a part of our economy, no. Not even close.

    It depends on what people define welfare as. Welfare actually refers to programs like food stamps and unemployment. Most people assume that social security and medicare are included, but they are not. They are what is known as entitlements because people are entitled to them, since they paid into the program their whole life. So, no, we don't spend more on welfare than anything else. Not even close.

  • To much military spending
    This link contains a graph full of facts. Welfare is just a sliver of the Unemployment section, meaning that welfare takes up less than 3% of the federal budget. Be sure to search this link by image, and to think about it as opposed to taking it as a lie directly.

  • Warfare is where most of out tax money goes.

    Second to military spending, government itself spends money on itself. If corporate tax breaks were to be included in the chart, I would guess that it would quadruple what is spent on assistance to the underprivileged. Corporations not paying their fair share causes ordinary tax payers to pick up the expenses and blame welfare recipients for their financial dissatisfaction.

    Check this link that shows federal expenditures.

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