Does America still have more freedoms than England

Asked by: pokemonfan
  • America probably has more freedom, but is that a good thing?

    The apparent brainwashing is amazing, scary, and annoying, but it depends what you mean by freedoms. In England, we cannot carry a gun, which some may say is a violation of a right. However, if you were to live in England (or anywhere else in the western world besides America) you would also realise how ludicrous the whole "right" in carrying a gun concept is, and so the majority do not care. England may be more restricted in some respects, such as regarding guns and not inciting hatred in public, but just because a country has more freedoms does not mean it is a good country.

  • Look at how brain washed some DDO users are- America has made it's citizens blindly follow it.

    You know what I find ironic? Every character it casts as despicable, it's done itself. Middle East countries forcing their people to treat the politicians as mighty leaders? Oh wait, that's like US history classes.... How about North Korea, sending lots of death threats to countries? Huh, I suppose all the wars USA has started......

    I'm sorry, but USA has been brainwashed.

  • Usa is a project planned by the elite to create a nation of subservient fools that can be exploited by the elite unknowingly

    The uk is catching up in numbing the brains of its citizens to eventually be come a playground for the elite to continue to sadistically enjoyin their wealth accumulation and their exploitation of the masses

    ruling elite have been able to start from a clean slate to furnish laws and customs that accomodate their carefully and covertly devised plans

    uk culture and traditions still provide some defence to their offensives

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