Does America use bread and circus to control the population?

Asked by: DeepInThought
  • The structure of society is no unintentional experiment.............It is the systematic and accurate execution of a plan doctored by the elite

    It is a grave task to convince a large proportion of humanity to believe in imaginary and invisible occurences, notably god

    also morality, politics, decency, beauty, intelligence, success are all a carefully planned and intentionally placed in our mind to anaesthetisize our brains in order to control the masses in ways that have ultimately allowed the elite to safely continue in their exploitation of the masses

  • Yes but not intentionally

    I don't believe that it is intentionally used all the time by the US government, so it's not some conspiracy created by anyone in particular, but is a side affect of the structure of the US. Unlike Rome where their government had the coliseum and handed out bread to their population to keep their minds off what was going on around them, The US has Hollywood with business men/women who keep up with the entertainment, while the government controls things like welfare aka the bread. Because of this, a lot of the population cares more about which celebrity is getting in to trouble for what, and who is with who, then what laws the government is passing. An example of this is when on msnbc, congress woman Harman got interrupted on an interview about NSA surveillance in the patriot act, for breaking news of Justin Bieber getting busted for resisting arrest, this is just 1 of many examples of the bread and circus routine getting the better of national politics.

  • 100 percent yes

    We are in a society where the general population would be more likely to make life changing decisions from the advise of their favorite celebrity as opposed to the advise of a qualified individual. Americans are more likely watch a movie that they are really not interested than they are to go vote on election day.

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