Does America's obsession with political correctness endanger our right to free speech?

Asked by: Hillbilly_Moose
  • Free speech should not be infringed upon.

    Free speech means all speech. I might not agree with what a person has to say, but I am willing to defend their right to say it. Free speech is for all Americans, no matter if they agree with the current societally popular opinions or not. People also get offended too easily now, Free speech does not end just because someone might be offended.

  • Yes, but in certain situations

    In public areas like stores and places of employment politically correct language is necessary to a cohesive atmosphere. However, in places that are meant for the exchanging of ideas and information, such as the internet or in universities, there should be absolutely no restriction on what a person can say, so long as it is said in a reasonable manner (cursing, lack of respect for people whose views they do not agree with, etc.). There are many, like philosopher David Stove, who've had to leave academia because their dissenting views weren't "acceptable". Political correctness will be the death of intellectualism.

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