• The aging academic world is hurtful to the careers of young scholars

    The aging academic world can harm the careers of young scholars because the way education is changing is not always for the better. With all the tests that children have to pass now we are getting away from all topics and only teaching to a test this is very hurtful to students .

  • An aging academic world is detrimental to young scholars and academia in general.

    An aging academic world denies opportunities for younger scholars, as there are simply fewer positions available for them. It is also detrimental to them as an older academia means less influx of new ideas and ways of thinking and thus the academic environment becomes stale. Therefore young scholars are harmed indeed harmed.

  • Academic world could be in trouble

    The aging academic world could harm young scholars because it will make it hard for the young people to join the ranks. This could be changed if some of the older scholars retired and encouraged the hiring of sme young, smart scholars to some prestigious schools around the north east.

  • No it wouldn't.

    I do not think that an aging academic arena would harm the careers of young scholars. In fact, I would think it would help their careers. As many scholars start to retire, it would leave more opportunities for younger scholars. This would be a good thing for them and there would be more chance to rise up in their field.

  • No It Doesn't

    In my time in college I never noticed an aging academic world that harms the careers of young scholars. Rather I saw a system that allowed knowledge to flow freely and helped young scholars learn their trade. I don't think the system is broken, if people want to learn, they can.

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