• An increase in jobs does have a significant impact on the economy.

    An impact in jobs does have an impact on the economy. I believe that it has a good impact. If people have jobs then they have more money to spend. This ability not only boosts sales, but it lowers crimes and illiteracy. I am all about seeing an increase in jobs and I applaud President Obama's success in making it happen.

  • Will improve the economy

    Yes, increase in jobs will definitely have a positive impact on the economy. Bringing in more jobs means we add more people in the labor force who add on to the GDP. More people are earning, which increases spending, and improves the economy. Increase will also bring in more investment from foreign countries, again adding to the economy.

  • Jobs Bring Money Into Communities

    Of course it does -- it means that more money is in circulation. People with jobs purchase goods and services from local merchants. Home ownership is more attractive to potential buyers in areas where unemployment rates are low, and this increases the overall stability of the community in question. Stable communities with employment opportunties also benefit the entire country.

  • Yes, it strengthens the local economy.

    When the number of jobs increase within a society, people have more available cash to spend on goods and services. That helps to support local and state economies. An increased number of jobs helps to support small businesses and charities within the community because those who have more, spend and give more money.

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