• Yes, an unborn baby has rights.

    While the United States has, sadly, not had many rights on the books for unborn babies, this has changed a bit in recent years. When a woman named Laci Peterson was murdered, her unborn child was killed as well. After this happened, people were outraged, and a law was signed by President Bush that made it a crime to kill an unborn baby. This was a major breakthrough in giving the unborn rights and acknowledging them as unique individuals.

  • An unborn baby has all the rights of a baby post natal

    A baby is not different after it is born. A baby is a baby in the womb, and out. A baby in the womb is just as alive and human as a baby after birth. The only difference is the babies connection to its mother and its environment. The baby itself remains unchanged. A baby is a baby, and babies have rights too.

  • Unborn is not viable life

    There is no consciousness, nor personality. An unborn baby only has life in the imagination and the body of the host. Until very near the end of pregnancy is there a chance of survival with out aid and even then there may not be a chance of survival. A baby is very different after birth than before. There is independence. There is breath and a being in the world not present before. Until birth the baby is parasitic on the host. Only after birth does the baby interact with the world.

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