• He was portrayed falsely.

    Yes, Andrew Green has basis for his lawsuit, because he was portrayed very falsely in the movie. They portrayed him as a criminal, and as a drug addict. Just because a person is successful, or just because they have a high profile, does not mean that a movie company should be able to get away with portraying them unfairly.

  • Andrew Greene's lawsuit is justified

    Filmmakers adapting true stories and depicting the situations of people still living have a responsibility to do so in a way that is not offensive or libelous. The film "The Wolf of Wall Street" walks a fine line in telling a true story with many characters based on real people. Andrew Green has stated that he has been depicted in the film “as a criminal, drug user, degenerate, depraved, and/or devoid of any morality or ethics.” The filmmakers must demonstrate that their characters have no resemblance to living people, but given that the movie is a true story based on the book of one of the participants, this will be a difficult point to prove.

  • Yes he does

    Yes, I think that he does have a basis for the lawsuit that he is in right now. I think that he is a man that had a lot that was done wrong to him by these other people, and that he needs to make the law suit agains them.

  • Sounds like someone is desperate!

    After all these years since the original Balfour memoir was published, now Greene is suing. Makes sense! The book was not a huge bestseller, but the movie on the other hand...Need I say more? OK, I will, greed and desperation. This is a movie, with half-fiction characters, based on a book written by an egomaniac. Case closed!

  • No Andrew Greene has no basis for his lawsuit.

    The movie does not appear to really have been about Greene. The movie appears to have focused on his boss at this time. In many news articles it does not talk about Greene disputing the acts portrayed in the movie. It would be naive to think that Greene played absolutely no part in the activities of his boss.

  • As the lawyers like to say, discovery is a two way street.

    So, Andrew Greene is upset with Paramount because in Wolf Of Wall Street, he was portrayed as "criminal, drug user, degenerate, depraved, and/or devoid of any morality or ethics.” I'm sure his feelings were hurt. But here's the thing Andy seems to have forgotten: His witnesses in this lawsuit won't be the only people called to testify. And I guarantee there are a lot of people who he has forgotten about, who haven't forgotten about him and his behavior. His lawsuit is meritless and baseless, and he'll soon discover that.

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