Does Angel Beats have the saddest ending of any anime ever?

Asked by: Crellin
  • I think it's pretty sad, But some of the middle scenes were sadder.

    If you watch the character's past lives, It's depressing and makes (me) want to bawl. In my moral, I believe the ending is happy and uplifting because finally at long last the characters are all at peace. And for Otonashi, If you didn't see the end credits then do because it shows him disappearing (at peace) as well.

  • Simply Tragic Ending.

    The MC is established to be a good person willing to put himself through physical harm and to both lead and follow if he thinks it's for the greater good. Life treated him unfairly for being a good person and he died as a result(you best believe he was wasting water giving all of the orders underground, helping with the physical labor, giving speeches, AND intercepting bullies). The film sets him up to finally get his closure, which was a core theme of the series which unites the entire cast from start to finish: Life isn't fair, but in the afterlife, you get the freedom and leeway to keep trying as long and hard as you wish for your own ending, which pretty much everyone but the MC gets in the end.

    His request is both reasonable and touching. He gets to guide others to the best outcome just as Kanade was trying to do from the start anyways, and he gets to spend the rest of eternity with the love of his life. Kanade doesn't have to fight people because she won't be alone, she has a confidant in Yuzuru, who can simply talk to his fellow students.. It would be gratifying, easy, joyous, and morally respectable as the two loves stayed together.

    Despite everything, Yuzuru is punished for wanting to help others both in life and in death. What's worse, is that he has to go through mental agony as both the altruistic and possessive aspects of his love for Kanade battle when she tells him to help her leave him to eternal loneliness by telling her he loves her. It's unfair, unreasonable, and counterintuitive to say the least. This hero who's reformed the way that his comrades(comrades who initially captured, 'killed' several times, interrogated, and strung him around for being a newbie mind you) thought and offered them an eternal salvation. This hero who put his standing and afterlife on the line to understand and eventually love whom he was told was his enemy. Such a person is left with nothing but sorrow and disappointment. He helped more people in a bigger way in his afterlife, and got a worse ending for it, for even in his initial life, he had some happiness in the form of being a donor and helping others survive. The ONE TIME he asks instead of gives, no matter how reasonable and joyous an idea it might be, he's punished even harder.

    It's even more unfair because the over-arching theme: Seize your wish and chase your selfish desires, doesn't apply to Kanade. Her purpose was defined by other people like his, yet she gets to leave with her wish being defined by him while he's damned for eternity, unable to escape even by suicide. It's unfair and hypocritical even for the point of the author, and that's why it's sad. There's no reason in the context of morals, drama, or theme, for this to happen.

  • Once is enough

    I am so amazed on how this anime was written, it has great plot, great music and great unexpectability and also saddened at the same time because of how the anime has progressed and ended and it is really touching. It is so touching that I don't wan't this anime ever again, once is enough. Hoho

  • It is soo nice and touching

    I am so amazed on how this anime was written, it has great plot, great music and great unexpectability and also saddened at the same time because of how the anime has progressed and ended and it is really touching. It is so touching that I don't wan't this anime ever again, once is enough. Hoho

  • If the ending was at the credits it's the saddest

    I'm gonna say, I found this the saddest ending ever due to various reasons described by the ones saying YES, but the after credits scene made it more bearable. Everything built up so perfectly in the last couple of episodes that the ending was totally unexpected, and hard hitting. I literally cried my hardest on this ending, but when I saw the after credits, there was some sense of closure and relief. That's the only drawback for me.

  • Cried more than other anime endings.

    Angel Beats does have the same framework for you getting closer to the characters emotionally like you are connecting with them. The thing that i realized after watching these types of animes is that they cover deep topics that some people go through and they keep living. Whenever i watch anime, i try to look for the messages they put out and how much that impacts ny life. Some are more effective than others simply because of my past and personal ideals. To name a few that I've watched before that have made me cry is: Naruto, Owari no Seraph (almost but I'll count it), Fairy Tail, and finally this one. Now they're 2 reasons why this one made me cry the most. The music and the characters. The music is what sets the atmosphere, the mood of what's about to come next. Angel Beats's music in this case is telling you ahead of time of what feelings you might feel. The characters are the main part of this crying sensation because of their past and how they keep going and how they form bonds with each other knowing that knowledge about the other person. At the end especially when otonashi confesses his feelings for kanade but she can't say it she loves him back or else she would get obliterated but later she does, leaving otonashi. That right there is a water leaker that a plumber can't fix inside my eyes. Every other anime has music and characters that make you feel connected with them but Angel Beats has a special component with the bonding between the characters and you that no other anime I've seen or heard of can do. Sorry for the long explanation, I'm kind bad at it but i hope this makes sense to at least to some people.

  • It is sooooooooooo sad!

    The end the main charctor does not even reborn and stay at the school i just can't i am crying right now wanw wanwanwnanwnwnwnw (ok i just need a bit more words so sososoosososjfvisvhisjvisvjvjvvnjf jfjfj fjf f fjfj f fj fj fj fj fj fj fj fj fj fj fj fj fj fj fjf fj fj fj fkdnldbn b kf k bk ) IT IS SAD OK!!!!!

  • It's sad in a happy way

    The reason i think it's sad, but in a happy way is becasue they all get to move on and they got to move on from their horrible lives allowing them to rest in peice. Also if they are soul mates for example Angel and Otonashi they get to meet again even after they've moved on.

  • Still so sad

    After a few months i got the end music in my head again,
    it makes me feel so sad. Even the music is sad
    i keep getting this super sad feeling but i doesnt go away.
    This is so sad please make it ok i cant bear this feeling anymore

  • Sad, just Sad.

    All I have to say is that I'm a sucker for these kinds of endings. And in my opinion, this one takes the cake, and it runs far far away with it.
    Now if you excuse me, I have a cake to catch. Yummy yummy cake to lighten the mood in this sad place.

  • He ends up finding her.

    After the end song he walks past her in another life and somehow remembers and ends up running back and grabbing her shoulder and the way it played out i bet they will both remember eachother. I feel as if everyone in that world will be able to notice everyone that was there even in another life from the way that played out. Meaning i feel like every afterlife those 2 go through they will find eachother and fall in love because she once owned his heart literally

  • Its one of the most sad anime

    Imo angel beats is really sad, just thinking that each character have their own sad backstory and learn how to appreciate their lives after on and dissapear is really heartbreaking ,it teaches you to appreciate life and live without regrets. Also, when you think that Otonashi was left all alone in that world just makes you feel sorry and depressed for him, really recommend people to watch this show.

  • Sad but I've seen endings of different animes that are more sad.

    While it is true that Angel Beats has a sad ending. If you compare it to other sad endings of Animes, It doesnt quite get the number one spot. Out of every anime I've seen that has a sad ending, at most to me, that would make 3rd place. Clannad After Story would be 2nd, and I would have to say Corpse Party: Tortured Souls would take the top.

  • Sad but not the saddest anime ever

    It is definitely sad how they all say their goodbyes, but in their new lives they might meet again, and will make new beautiful friendships.
    Their lives are being reborn, and they get the chance to live better lives.
    The picture of the battlefront team at the credits, they all fade away one by one, including Otonashi right at the end, suggesting he has left that world too, and after the credits it shows Otonashi walking past Kanade, and Otonashi running back to her, because they promised to be together forever.
    As they are soulmates it's only natural to find each other again- which I think will be the same with Yui and Hinata.
    So even though it seemed sad, when you think about what it meant, it shows that all the people from that world are moving on to better lives.

  • Not the saddest.

    I do agree that Angel Beats has quite a sad ending. However, there are a number of other anime that in my opinion reach the same level of sadness and higher. Examples of these are Clannad After Story and Anohana. Personally, I think that Anohana takes the cake, as I don't think I've ever cried harder in my life.

  • No tears appeared

    I've seen other anime and I have cried. I did not cry here. Sure you may call me heartless but honestly I have cried over other anime other then this one. The last episode was sad but it wasn't that sad. The only time it would be sad is when you attach yourself to a character and they die. Also that moment of Yuri's insanity also kind of ruined it for me. Anyways that moment where Angel left Otonashi was kind of sad, but it happens in real life too. Oh and it deppends on your past experiences. For example if you never experienced a loved one leaving you probably would not cry because you never felt what it was like or if it happened a lot in life you would be used to the feeling and would not cry. Also if you have had people you love leave you, you would probably cry because you have felt this way before and support the character. For me, many people I love have left me so I got used to the feeling so I never cried.

  • Not at all.

    Angel Beats is sad, but it's childs play compared to other animes, especially Corpse Party: Tortured Souls. The ending left so many speechless and left to bawl their eyes out. Like I said, so many more anime endings are sadder than this one, yet I do agree leaving him by himself is depressing.

  • Not even close.

    There are many anime with far worse endings. Most of CLAMP's work is hideously depressing- X1999 makes you want to kill yourself. Death Note has pretty much most of the major characters die horribly, and there are a score of others I can think of without any trouble that have strung-out endings.

  • Sad but not the saddest

    It is one of the saddest in terms of how the main character is then left by himself. But there are many more depressing anime endings out there with no happy ending whatsoever. Clannad has a happy ending but the entire lead up to it gets more and more sad so as a whole I would say you feel sadder at the end of it. As the final episode has a moment which just breaks your heart.

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