• Why test on animals that never commited a crime

    When we can test on the absolute worst of humanity. Honestly, I find it completely ridiculous that we ignore testing on such horrible people and still blindly believe that testing on animals is the ethical option - it's not. I'm talking about serial rapists, murderers, and anything else along those lines. And I don't mean people who are simply accused, I mean people who are without a doubt, absolutely guilty. You want morality? There's morality. Human's shouldn't deserve rights simply for being human while animals face horrors no worse than the Jews in the holocaust. And I'm not taking that statement back.

  • It's animal cruelty

    It's animal cruelty because these scientists are doing these harmful experiments on animals and the animals have to suffer the pain and everything. Also, animals are NOT humans, so if something affects an animal, that doesn't mean it will affect a human. So animal testing is pointless. It's just complete animal cruelty.

  • Animal Testing Must be stopped

    As we know animals are also part of life cycle. As we are developing we should not compromise the nature. Animal Testing should be stopped and should use the program to test such things. Why should they suffer only because we are superior than them. Please show some respect to them and always support live and let others live.

  • It does not save lives

    Many tests that pass animal research fail drastically on humans. Computer programs are very accurate simulates and a much more humane approach. The thing is all animals have different biology, so the test you do on rats and monkeys tell you nothing about humans. Dogs can die from chocolate so chocolate must be poison? We react differently to the consumption of chocolate, and therefor we can eat it safely. They solved cancer in rats but us humans are still waiting for a cure.

    On top of already being useless most animal testing is done to test things that are not essentials such as cosmetics and cleaning products. So the argument that it saves human lives is false or at best misleading.

  • Cruel, unnecessary and inhumane.

    Animal testing is not 100% effective as you all are deluded into believing. Animal testing, for instance, deemed glass fibers and arsenic okay to ingest. Simulated human patients have been PROVEN to be more effective than making innocent animals suffer. There are alternatives to making an innocent animal suffer. The FDA stated that 92 percent of all drugs that are shown to be safe and effective in animal tests fail in human trials because they don’t work or are dangerous. Most experiments on animals are also taken out of sheer curiosity, and do not work towards finding vaccinations or the like at all. We accept curiousity as a justification for cruelty.

    These animals are burned, shocked, poisoned, isolated, starved, forcibly restrained, addicted to drugs, and brain-damaged all so companies have a legal defense if someone croaks after taking their product. They have PROVED animal testing to be unreliable and ineffective. They torture these creatures needlessly and mercilessly.

    For instance, the Eye Irritancy Testing (Draize Test) forces chemicals into the eyes of conscious, restrained rabbits, without pain relievers or anesthetics of any kind. The excruciating pain often causes them to struggle so greatly against their restraints that they break their own backs, dying in agony needlessly. There is no justification for such treatment of a living, breathing creature.

    "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." If Gandhi's statement holds any validity to it, America's greatness and moral progress is appallingly poor.

  • Animal testing need to be stopped

    Animal testing Is part of an animal abusing.
    Usually we test medicine or cosmetic to animal , and nobody matters that animal (Mouse, Chimpanzee...Etc) die or not they are just using for our desire. Animals are one creature and they need a respect. Also, animal testing can be replaced by computer program but scientist are not using it because we can't know the result instantly.
    Because of those reasons I agree with animal testing should be stopped.

  • Yes it should

    Animals are living creatures. Why should we test on them?! Its not like they asked for it. How would humans feel if other creatures tested on us? The average person wouldn't like it so why do it to animals? A lot of testing harms the animal so it should count as animal cruelty.

  • They cannot have a say

    Tell you what, go and pick some perfectly innocent, helpless, unwilling human off the street to test on them. Exactly, you wouldn't.
    Sure, I appreciate that tests have to be done for various substances, but why should animals go through such torture? After animal testing is completed, the medicine (or whatever) is tested on WILLING VOLUNTEERS. Take note. The animals that are subjected to being tested on maliciously by us humans have no say in what they want to do- all because they are weaker than us. It's not right.

  • Stop animal testing animal lives matter too.

    What if you were put in a cage tortured, Abused and manipulated while watching and hearing everyone you love screaming in pain. How would you like it how would that make YOU feel, Animals can feel pain too. Animals get there eyes popped out of their faces for makeup testing. Just so we can look hot or pretty for one night.

  • Animals are more than just a pet.

    90% of the products that are tested on with animals fail when given to humans. Their are other companies that you can buy from that don't support animal testing. Animals are used everyday for emotional support and to make people happy. They don't deserve to live their lives in a cage inside of a lab.

  • The end of one MONKEY life could mean the saving of thousands of HUMAN lives.

    Imagine all the medical treatments people are testing on animals. Scientists are coming closer to a cure for cancer, diabetes, etc. They already did it with polio, the cold, etc. Deadly illnesses can now be cured within a week.

    Like it or not, humans are the top species. We wouldn't have built this electric communications network if we are just another animal. It is the order of life.

    From a religious point of view, we are in the image of God. From an evolutionary point of view, our species comes first before helping other species.

    It's just a monkey. A. 1. One. One little MONKEY, dying for the good of thousands of HUMANS.

  • Animal testing should not be stopped

    This is because there is simply no other alternative. If there was an alternative, animal testing would have stopped years ago. Animal testing has helped us develop medicines and cures for so many illnesses and diseases such as cancer. Thanks to animal testing, the length and quality of countless people's lives have been improved. Surely the sacrifice of one animal is justifiable if it contributes to saviour of thousands of other lives?

  • Testing Saves Lives

    It seems pretty silly to me to stop using one of the great sources of advancement in medical research. Generations to come deserve the best we can do...That would be your children and grandchildren. Some consider such work cruel. There real cruelty would be if your kids suffer because of well intentioned, but knucklheaded, people were allowed to cut of research.

  • Absolutely, positively, not.

    Here's an idea:

    All the people who claim animal testing should stop should be required to live with out all the scientific advancements that have come as a result of animal testing.

    Additionally, all those who are FOR animal testing, would be allowed to live as they are now...With all of the advancements at their disposal.

    Let's see how long it is until they change their stance on the issue...

  • Animals give us a better understanding of humans

    Non-human animals have a similar structure to that of humans. This is because all animals share a certain amount of genes and live in a similar environment. Testing on humans has become extremely difficult nowadays, so we should stick to the second best option until our computing simulations become perfect.

  • Should we let people die because we're squeamish?

    Animal tests are crucial in developing medicine, medical techniques and many other very important advancements.
    If we take that away, scientific advancement in the medical realm will be slowed greatly. New, dangerous diseases will pop up, and we will not have a vaccine ready to save people. In fact, we will have nothing to combat this new threat but our limp members. All because we didn't want to hurt some animals for our survival.

  • It is necessary for scientific advancement.

    There is no alternative to the scientific research that we obtain through animal testing. While I do not believe that humans are specifically more "important" or "superior" relative to the rest of species, some sacrifices must be made to help solve widespread human issues. It may seem cruel at first but suppose that the sacrifices these animals make end up curing cancer or diabetes or something - then I'd say it was completely worth is. We can't know what animals have to offer to us unless we find out ourselves, often times with less than ethical methods.

  • Only because it helps humans.

    Ethically, it's not right to test anything on anything. However, if executing one monkey/dog/cat/rat means creating a surefire cure for anything, screw the monkey! I'm not dying from cancer because PETA says it's wrong to test on animals. I also wouldn't care very much if we used those babies everyone wants to abort to test this stuff on. Get a reaction on humans before animals, and save some babies from getting instantly killed in the womb. You anti-abortionists say you're pro-life, that the baby "deserves" to get a breath of fresh air? They will. And then they'll die from a "cure" for the common cold that's much deadlier than the real thing.

  • No. There is No Better Alternative.

    Animal testing has saved thousands of human lives through the scientific advances solved through it. It is not cruelty to modify an animal in a well-regulated environment any more than it is to butcher a cow for meat. Both are necessary to human life. If there was a better alternative to animal testing, then I perhaps would agree; however, there isn't one at the present time.

  • I wrote an

    Essay about this topic a few weeks ago actually. Animal testing has limited human suffering greatly, and as no alternative method of accurately testing medicine pre-human can yet be used, I do not think it comes down to moral or ethical encompassment - it's simply a matter of common sense.

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