Does animals have rights which deserves to be protected?

Asked by: sungkang5523
  • Yes because an animal is just like a human they have live so they should not be taken away from them..

    Many animals have lost their lives for the sake of scientist getting paid that´s wrong. Just think about it what if a scientist used your child as a test subject to get paid would you like that. NO Right because u love your child and i know that many of you wouldn't allow that so why do we allow it for our animals they have lives that should be protected and if they are not then they will just disappear and we would all feel some type of way fro not stopping it when it happened.

  • Yes they deserve to be treated right

    First off, us humans are animals too, we are living and breathing and so are they. Why do we deserve to be treated more specially then them? Well we don't. No matter how much we debate about the cruelty of animals does anything change? No because the human race is pretty selfish. We have caused the extinction of many animals, upset the Eco system and now have the air filled with green house gases. Us humans do not deserve to be up the top of the ladder as animals have the exact same right to be treated the way we are treated. Treat animals the way you want to be treated because at the end of the day we are animals too.

  • Their mans best friend.

    Dogs have been mans best-friend since the time of man. Like from Egyptians a dog has been at mans side since then. Dogs aren't meant to be treated like humans but they need respect no matter what. Thats why pit-bulls are scary in the mind of people because they see them fighting and they don't want to go near one because of that reason. Thats no showing dogs respect.

  • Why animal rights?

    Why animal rights?

    Many animal lovers think animals don't just deserve protection in a paternalistic way. They say that animals have rights that must be respected.

    Rights are much more important than interests, because rights impose a burden on others that the other parties must accept.

    If animals do have rights then there are certain things that human beings should not do to animals, because doing them would violate the animal's rights.

    This applies regardless of the cost to human beings. If humanity must suffer some disadvantage as the consequence of respecting animal rights, then that's the way it has to be.

  • Yes, they do

    Obviously not the rights a human has, but they deserve to be treated justly while they're alive. Animal cruelty is very inhumane, and should absolutely be a crime, and yes, animals do have rights that need protection, just as any other living being does. Otherwise, aren't we just animals ourselves.

  • Nice english bro

    I believe the question should be "Do animals have rights that need to be protected?" Yes they do because they are living and can feel emotion so it would.Just be messed up to treat them inhumane. So, it would not and can not be right to treat them like that.

  • Animals do not deserve rights!

    I do not understand how animals are more important than humans.
    God stated in the Bible that he created humans to rule over all other living things on earth. I am not suggesting we not care for animals, but giving them rights is absurd, they can not vote or run for elections

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