• Things to Think About

    Well, being neither white not black, I've noticed on social media that people criticize white people constantly for their dancing, music, athletics, etc. Here's probably the best example:

    White people are ugly~ most people would consider just plain rude
    Black people are ugly~ automatically racist and faces social rebuttal everywhere

  • Yes, it certainly does.

    I'm not saying here that reverse racism exists or that white people have had it or now have it worse than other groups of people. I'm saying that white people now, who have nothing to do with the atrocities of their forebears, are routinely talked to as if they are the ones responsible for what happened in the past. This causes anti-white bias.

  • With affirmative action.

    Yes, anti-white bias exists on a larger scale, because affirmative action stops people from getting jobs and it stops them from getting into college. Most of the time, affirmative action works to benefit someone that is in a similar economic position as the white person who lost out. But it's fair, because of something that a person generations ago who was not related to the white person affected did in the southern U.S. It makes no sense.

  • No It Doesn't

    I do not believe anti-white bias exists on a larger scale. To me this idea sounds pretty backward to me. I do not believe racism has changed hands in the United States or at least I haven't witnessed it personally. Not here in Missouri where I am now, nor in the south where I just move from.

  • Not at all

    No, I think that anti white bias is not a thing. I think that the white people are the most dominant force on earth, and are genetically superior to the other races. I think that no off white people are discriminatory towards white, I think that they are all jealous.

  • Anti White Bias does exist.

    No one can really deny that whites are not victims of anti-white bias. It is just named something different. Pro-minority bias is also anti-majority bias. The way we word things makes people think that it is a good thing, when in actuality it creates a system of inequality. Defining fairness is treating equal things equally, and unequal things unequally. If a black man is equal to a white man, then they should recieve the same treatment.

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