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Does anyone agree with the stopping of the 300 for people in those states

  • I feel that the 300 unemployment help for people should not stop in any state.

    There are people out there looking for work. They know that as of september the 300 ends. Why hurt people that need this help right now and stop this 300. Its giving people that are gig workers, Some folks jobs have completely closed permanently, Let them continue with the 300. They know they are still going to need a job. It seems like the republicans are trying to hurt these people and put them out in the covid word which could create another spike. Its not hurting these govenors of those states so what's the rush to hurt people. You have money and a big house. Its not stopping people from working either that is just a cope out of an excuse. September will put these american people back out to look for jobs as they are right now. Why hurt people when the world is in this crisis. I think its not fair and seems to be discriminating to those that need this help right now. The child tax credit is introduced then you take away the 300, Don't know what sense that makes. The parents are getting wealthy with this child tax credit while others suffer and getting food taken from them. Is this fair. Governors you all seems to not care all about your state. Let these people continue on with their 300 its only fair.

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