• The chef terrorist

    They killed mode than a thousand innocent civilians. And yes the terrorist leaders deserve to die. And the peace will come back again if they die. But not in the whole world. We dont Know what happens when we die. Unfortunately we have trouble to killing him. It's harder than we think.

  • The chef terrorist

    They killed mode than a thousand innocent civilians. And yes the terrorist leaders deserve to die. And the peace will come back again if they die. But not in the whole world. We dont Know what happens when we die. Unfortunately we have trouble to killing him. It's harder than we think.

  • Terrorists rapist's and criminally insane

    All terrorists need to die they cause terror on the innocent and prey on the weak and rapist's need to be whipped off the face of the earth so they wont harm anyone and as for the criminally insane if there dead they cant hurt anyone anymore and that's that

  • Right of Protection

    It appears to me that people have the right to protect themselves. If a situation was to arise that threatens that person, they should be able to protect themselves.
    Society should also have the power to protect itself if something should threaten it, or it's citizens. (A society could protect itself against another society that threatens to take it over, or protect it's citizens by eliminating a serial killer or terrorist.)

  • Some deserve to die, but why hasten an imminent demise?

    No one can escape death, so does it really matter? It just doesn't make much sense to me. In this world you either die young or live to be old and die. No matter what good deed you have done, no matter how healthy you are, and even if you are the most despicable person ever to be born into the world, you WILL die.

  • Do I even need to say it?

    If I went to a school right now and unloaded on a room full of little kids, would you think I deserve to live? Hell no, just outright blow my head off or put me in front of a firing squad. "God Forgives All" He forgives mass murder? Thats just asking for it.

  • It's really hard to say "no"

    I grew up thinking all life is precious and that there is good in everybody and everything living but as I matured and read about the world & it's history it became harder to believe that all life is precious. I know it's overly used but, Hitler for an example, I mean I find really hard to say to no he doesn't deserve to die. The list can really go on; there is, OSAMA BIN LADEN, VLAD DRACULA, IVAN THE TERRIBLE, ELIZABETH BATHORY, HUSSEIN, and the list goes on. I believe those people deserved to die and I believe people who are like that deserve to die.

  • We all deserve to die. Nobody deserves immortality.

    We have all been given the gift of life, eventually we all have to give it back. Life and death are part of the natural cycle and need to stay that way or else new life can not exist.
    Do some people deserve to die sooner? Yes, or at least be denied a life. If we are not going to give just punishment by taking the life from a person who took the life of another, then we should at least take away any trace of life as they know it. Keep them locked up alone in a small cell away from all human contact to me sounds like the only acceptable solution.
    Some may call this inhumane but so was their act if not more so. It is the least they deserve. To allow them a social life with friends, and family, opportunity to be a member of their community, and other things that are meant to make imprisonment more human also make it less of a punishment and more of a vacation from the real world. Nobody can deny that the real world can be a hard place to live, because some ex-cons can not handle it, they intentionally get caught breaking the law so they can be sent back. In other words, they find prison life more humane than life outside the prison.
    Would treatment like I described be unlivable? Probably to many prisoners. If that is the case, they could always volunteer to be executed. Either way, problem solved. The more severe punishment may also cause people to be less likely to kill or chose suicide by cop as an alternative. Sounds like a win/win to me.
    On a different note. Growing old is inevitable. When we get older, we are less and less able to have functional lives. If we continued to live past the point of usefulness this would be more of a punishment than a reward. There would be no upside to immortality as long as we age. Unfortunately, though science has managed to make great strides in prolonging life, it has done little to sustain the quality of life. Till we can achieve eternal health, we all must die or else suffer the consequence of immortality.

  • Serial Rapist, Pedophile

    Let's pretend that I am a serial rapist and pedophile. I have claimed over 50 victims. In prison, I killed 3 guards in an escape attempt. Their families will mourn forever, and fight in court for my execution. How could you make a case for my right to life? That right is voided when you take someone else's away. Don't try to rebut this with some load of religious bs, just give me 1 reason to change my mind.

  • What kind of question is this?

    Some people deserve to die if they had committed a truly evil deed. Others that have not and do not want to do not. Some people can be just confused or mentally ill and cannot help themselves, but we can help them. If they do not accept our help, then that's their problem for being stubborn. But that does not mean they deserve to die.

  • No one deserves to die

    1: Life was given to us for a reason. And that reason does not mean that everything has to be fair, heck, this world isn't fair. If someone has done something truly bad to another, you can't just kill them and expect the problem to go away! Death means no tomorrow, it means no second chance, and sometimes, second chances can benefit.

    2: I don't get how people fear death. Life is more painful than death. If you kill someone for doing whatever they're doing, you could be doing them a favor. Think about it, how many people have, let's say killed someone, and then committed suicide afterwards... Quite a lot, it is common for suicide to be an easy way out. It is better for them to be in jail for life. As I said before, life is more painful than death.


  • We are not "God" and overrate our own power as human beings

    Who are we to choose whether a human being, just like us in many respects, ought to die or be murdered? We as animals, yes animals, try to oust each other and be dominant. It is an instinct but is it one that we need or want? Many humans regard our species to be an evolved and improved version of other species. But then why do we commit so many barbaric acts such as murder, rape and other hate crimes. No if we as humans wish to be a more civilised and eloquent as well as superior species then we must lose our obsession with dominance. No person deserves to die. Sure there may be those who have killed and deserve to be punished for their atrocities but why stoop to their low level? Why incriminate ourselves? If a system existed where every time a man died at the hand of another man there would be anarchy and bloodshed. Someday if the world continues as it is with the revenge and payback and bitterness against one another then this world will become anarchy and a real serious mess.

  • No One deserves to die.

    The reason I believe no one deserves to die...
    1. Life was given to us for a reason. Sure , we all have our bad breaks these days but no one ever said it would be easy.

    2. Does anyone deserve to die should be turned into the question. We all die, its an evolutionary fact .Death Penalty should is it deserved or not.

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Adam2 says2014-04-14T01:15:36.643
Isn't for us to say. Only God can determine that.