Does anyone else get irritated by religious people referring to Jesus, God etc. all the time?

Asked by: mpf
  • These religious people think that they know a lot.

    They assume that they know everything about God. They will ask you,"have you accepted jesus in your life?" Tired of this. They believe that they were saved by Jesus and that God loves them more than anyone else. The reality, however, is that these religious people are victims of cognitive biases and ignorance.

  • I respect religion, but I don't like to have people's religious beliefs pushed in my face.

    I don't see atheists or agnostics harping on about their beliefs or lack thereof, so why is it that religious people think they have a right to bless us, pray for us etc. I find it offensive that some (not all) religious people find it normal to 'push' their religion in the form of text, images etc. wherever they find the opportunity. Surely these people need to be educated that not everyone appreciates this behaviour.

    Posted by: mpf
  • Keep your bronze age stories out of my classroom, and our of our conversation.

    I'm a student who loves both science and politics. Ironically enough religion sticks its unwelcome nose into both of these aspects in our society. I would very much like it if everyone treated religion like a penis. Its fine if you have one, its fine if you are proud of it, but dont go waving it around in public, and dont you dare go shoving it down my throat.

  • When they say it a lot

    I mean I'm not saying that they can't express what they believe in and everything but it's annoying when they refers to this stuff all of the time. Not saying that it's wrong or they shouldn't do it just personally gets on my nerves. They can believe whatever they want to believe. It's also annoying when they try and push their beliefs on to you

  • It is all about context.

    My religious beliefs (or lack thereof), like my sexual preference or what car I drive have a very limited ability to be interesting or relevant to others. When these, and topics like them, are the subject of the conversation, then it makes sense to discuss them. However, most of the time, they are personal, and only interesting to the speaker.

    My sexuality is only of interest to me and my wife; my car is only of interest to me and, on rare occasions to my mechanic. Similarly, people's religious beliefs are of interest just to them, and are irrelevant to most topics at hand. It would be awkward were I to say I got a new job, and then say, out of nowhere, "...Because I am a heterosexual" or "...Thanks to my Hyundai".

    If I and many others were make a habit of doing that, it would annoy people, FOR EXACTLY THE SAME REASON that it annoys people when religious people say things like "thank Jesus" or "praise the LORD" when discussing some other topic.

    I appreciate that the religion is an important part of their lives, just as my car is an important part of mine. I understand that the religion may be a foundational aspect of one's sense of self, just as being a heterosexual male is for me. Even so, that does not make it automatically relevant to a discussion about something else.

    The irritating part is not so much that it is religious, but rather that it is irrelevant and obtrusive to the topic at hand. The fact that it often smacks of self-righteousness only compounds the irritation. The same applies to anyone constantly pushing an aspect of their identity that most other people have nothing to do with.

    This does not just apply to Christians. You are also guilty of being irritating in this way if any of the following apply to you.
    --Your category/group has a parade (St. Patrick's Day, Gay Pride, etc.) and you participated
    --You have ever advocated for an ethnic or religious group to have a month dedicated to it in the academic calendar ( ____ history month)
    --You have EVER said in public that your group is God's favorite/chosen people (Jews, Republicans, Christians, Americans, Dallas Cowboys, etc.) when not specifically asked the question "who are God's favorite people?".

    For all of you who fit what I just described, I am NOT saying you are evil, NOR am I saying should be stripped of your rights to do or say any of these things.

    I am just saying you are irritating, and lame, and I would be grateful if you would save it for the times and places people actually want to hear it.

    When is that? It is when somebody actually asks you.

  • Yes, because it can be uncomfortable.

    I go to a public school, and I can handle a little bit of it, but one of my teachers is constantly telling us about his religious beliefs, and being non religious myself, it can be uncomfortable because I don't follow his religion and he seems to think we are all Christians. But other than that, it doesn't bother me that much.

  • Seriously. Even If You're Atheist, They Babble On And On.

    Why can't people stop talking about religion next to me even if they know I'm atheist? Its just annoying because they think they're trying to help you, but it just annoys the hell out of you instead. I would like to say F you and your fricken god, but I don't.

  • Hell yes I get tired of it

    I'm tired of listing to self righteous religious people who cram their jesus crap on a Saturday morning when I'm trying to eat my Cheerios and watching my cartoons. I'm like, WTF dude why you bothering me on my day off! Jesus? What? Get the hell off my porch before I beat your ass.

  • Only in Debates

    I don't mind people referring to their god when they are saving kittens, but I am more than irritated, truly enraged, when they refer to their god in an attempt to deny my gay cousin rights, or tell me that I'm morale because someone made me morale, or when told that nothing humans have done is important or even impressive because god. As long as its left out of politics, the rights of my loved ones and innocents, reasons to hurt people, reasons to not eat bacon, and reasons to not have tolerance to others, or in debates about obvious science, I'm fine with religious people preaching as much as they want.

  • I had a roommate like that

    I had a roommate who, Regardless of topic, Would always end up talking about religion. I study at a Catholic university and nobody there acts like that. While a lot of people in my university are Catholic, They tend to respect other people's religious beliefs and keep it personal. But my roommate was just crazy about that. I'm not going around telling everyone that god doesn't exist so I expect other people to do the same. Feel free to believe in whatever you want to, But keep it personal. Religion is like a penis: it's ok to have one and be proud of it. But don't go around showing it to people who are not minimally interested in it.

  • Not any more irritated

    Than when I see the religion of atheism being pushed day in day out by people removing crosses from public property, the media backing these campaigns, and so forth. I respect atheists rights, why can they not respect my rights? It seems it's the atheists who are in the wrong most of the time.

  • Lesson 1: Tolerance. Learn it.

    If it's what they believe in, they can refer back to it as they wish. It's easy to not understand it from an atheist perspective, but for a Christian, God and Jesus are their everything... The two are their whole world and they have all reason to want to talk about them.

  • Why are you in a religious forum?

    I find it oddly amusing that someone would come to the religious section of a forum and complain about having to listen to people talk about Jesus. The absolute pretense of deliberately inviting such discussion and then complaining that it makes you a victim is downright hilarious. No one forces people into churches, no one forces people to listen to religious radio or television. About the worse that our poor victim hears is a prayer occasionally and is now over burdened to the point of despondency that others would express an opinion different than his own?

    Does anyone get tired of atheists finding excuses to mindlessly complain about things? Seriously? I went to a religious forum but am sick of hearing about Jesus!!!! GOSH, all you religious people should discuss religion somewhere other than a religious forum! GALL!!!

  • Say what ???

    Sounds, to me, like you're against freedom of speech and religion. I'm sick and tired of people like you trying to tell me what I can or can't do. People who believe in God are commanded, by Jesus, to spread the word. It's what we do. If you don't like it, you can always move to a country where they have no freedom of religion.

  • All the time?

    Doesn't just get annoying when atheists on love to remind you that their an atheist? Isn't it just annoying how they just start referring to Neil DeGrass Tyson, Science, and Carl Sagans Neck? And whats worse is that they're all over the internet around every corner.

    Don't You just love sarcasm

  • There are religious Christians no doubt; but Christianity is not suppose to be religious.

    I am a Christian and I agree that religious people can be challenging. I think religion is responsible for a great deal of problems in the world but not nearly as many problems as greed, envy, pride, anger etc. Not to mention politics and corporate agenda. The main reason religious people get in your face is because of their understanding of heaven or hell. We believe in hell and they (or at least myself) don't want others to go there. I have witnessed evidence of God. I have both witnessed and experienced miracles and there are witnesses to testify of those miracles. I know there is a God in heaven because I have a personal relationship with Him. I avoid shoving it in peoples faces (as much as possible) but discussions often turn to heated debates. Christ came because we are all imperfect and deserving of the same fate. Jesus spoke on religion and was actually against it. It was actually the religious leaders that killed him. So religion in many (if not all) regards is not good. Jesus simply provided a way where there is no way. Christianity is suppose to be a spiritual life. It requires one to be motivated by love and faith not religion. It is true that most Christian's are religious. The bible says be sensitive to the needs of others. So if you don't want doctrine shoved down your throat we are suppose to be sensitive to that. Many christians are judgemental and proud. Doctrine teaches us they are characteristics we should work on removing from our spirit. God rejects the proud and judge not lest you be judged yourself. Let me get you to look at it from the perspective of the annoying religious people. I try and preach out of Love. I find most people don't give a damn about anyone else but themselves. Christian, Muslim, Atheist most people are selfish pratts. They will help you if they can get something out of it. Even those who give because it is the right thing to do still get a good feeling after doing it. We are selfish creature's. The word of God is suppose to help us build a better character by changes us from within. But the mIn priority is winning souls to Christ so people can live eternal life when this world passes away. Anyway let me get out of your face and go back to work!!!

  • Sometimes, but I think it can go both ways.

    Yes, we've all seen that religious person who is bent on shoving their beliefs. No, I don't mean the person that's just talking about Jesus, because that's not wrong. What's wrong is when someone tells in a hateful manner that you're going to hell because you don't believe in God, or what have you. That's not right. It's the intention we have to look at. The same can be said of atheists. Why should I have to listen to how ignorant I am or how stupid I am or how I'm so naive because I believe in a higher power you don't? How is fighting hate with hate going to help? If someone is shoving their beliefs down your throat, don't retaliate by acting /just/ like them. Where's the logic in that? Instead, try ignoring them, or refute their arguments like a good debater. Stooping to their level by cussing them out or scoffing them only makes you the same as them.

  • It's a two way street.

    I'm just tired of everyone pushing their belief, or lack of one, upon me. I'm rational enough to decide for myself, thank you. However, it doesn't annoy me when it is done in a normal, non internet-like way (99% of the time this issue turns up for me it's on the internet).

    If we're tolerant of other religion systems (atheism being one in this sense) we'll get along just fine. I don't let the few assholes on each end spoil my time, I know what I believe and that is that, the rest is just a healthy discussion.

  • Not as much as I am by leading questions

    Not exactly the least bias way to go about asking this question. Am I irritated when people refer to religious deities all the time? I suppose, but no more or less than when they bring up other assumptions that I disagree with (which is to say, not very much; being annoyed with somebody's assumptions is a bit like being annoyed that it is raining).

  • Of course not.

    Very rarely do religious people push their beliefs on others. Yes, some do, but the majority just lead normal lives. The very irony that you are complaining about non-atheists shows that you push your atheistic beliefs on us more than most of us, push on you. You are the only one getting freaking irritated.

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