Does anyone really believe that political correctness actually helps society and its freedoms? Because I think that only facists truthfully buy into it

Asked by: psychohare360
Does anyone really believe that political correctness actually helps society and its freedoms? Because I think that only facists truthfully buy into it
  • Ehhh... Maybe it does.

    This coming from an actual Mexican with Mircophthalmia, it is important. Why? Because, at least in the early stages of infancy and development of skills, both cognitive and social, a definite existence between "deformed" and "disabled" separates the two like a border wall separates immigrants from whites. But, I disagree on PC culture in terms of Freedom of Speech. Far as I heard, most comedians don't want to hear other differing opinions, even if they are hateful. I mean, comedians won't do routines at colleges because these super-PC pissy little kids are going to ruin the experience for future students coming into college. No.

  • Confused whether to put yes or no.

    It depends on what you mean by "politically correct" If you mean that people learn to accept the fact that not everybody thinks, believes, looks and lives the way they do, and learn to tolerate the presence of people that are different, at least in the aspect of simply leaving them alone and focusing on their own lives. Sometimes we have to be around people we may not want to be, but no ones making you hang out with them, you need to deal with the fact everyone has the same constitutional rights and protection under the law. Simply choosing to keep hateful comments to yourself whenever you casually in counter some group or person you don't agree with or like Is NOT being PC that is called "not being an asshole ". If you choose to be an asshole, prepare to deal with the consequences especially if your comments are racially motivated.
    However if you mean "politically correct" in SJW terms, where female video game characters are offensive because they wear a pink dress, where a Minnie Mouse mannequin in the little girls clothes section being a size 0 is fat shaming, and where boys and girls toys are on seperate isles because the majority of little girls certain things and the majority of little boys like certain things...Then PC is absolutely not required for a democratic, free, and effectively run country. In several cases pandering to all these wining delusionalists who basically want to override the 1st amendment and turn the USA into an over regulated nanny-state will eventually lead to this countries downfall. These people need to quit taking the media seriously and learn the difference between an opinion and true oppression. So in that case I pick No.
    However I did notice the overgeneralizing use of the label "liberal" in the image there so I assume that you are directing this question at the second use of the term PC and therefore I chose "no". Because I hate that SJW "-ism" crap. Not all non-conservatives can be lumped in with these fools just because we choose to get along , and God forbid , RESPECT ,people that are different that we must interact with to continue living in this country.

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