• Always Truth In Fiction

    We have a saying in Afrikaans that translates to "where there is smoke there is a fire". There is always a little truth in every "fictional" story. It may not be the Megaladon that we see portrayed in movies and on the internet but somewhere something had to give reason to the idea.

  • It does exist

    If the megalodon existed at the time of dinosaurs, it could be a living fossil. We need to protect it because it could be the last one left in the ocean! If any one does find it, don't attack because it will die and it will be extinct forever and no one will find its body.

  • Read the question

    It isn't whether the megalodon is alive today, it is whether it is/was real. Of course it was! Read people read! It certainly has existed and whilst it probably does not exist today it is real. It is like asking are the dinosaurs real? I would prefer people to read the question clearly.

  • It is extinct and there is a very small chance that it is still out there.

    The megalodon is probably extinct and no video or pictures say otherwise. Although much of the ocean is unexplored most of the shallow parts are known and this was the megalodons habitat. The megelodon would have to evolve to survive in the deeper depths and then it would no longer be a megalodon. Lastly without a large number of whales for the megalodon to eat and we would see evidence of megalodon bites on their bodies.

  • It isn't true at all

    Yes, Megalodon was a real shark that lived during the Cenozoic, but it is no longer roaming the oceans. This massive predator met it's end in the Pleistocene Era. I hear how people say, however, that many parts of the worlds oceans haven't been explored, and they tie that to the possibility of Megalodon still alive. The exploration part is true. Yet the largest shark that ever lived is gone forever.

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Shadow-Dragon says2014-09-12T19:11:53.603
It still exists. I saw it on a documentary. I think the documentary was called Jaws.