Does Apple need to improve the working conditions in its factories?

  • Yes, this is a shameful problem.

    According to news reports, Apple's working conditions in its factories are deplorable, with little, and perhaps no, regard for the well being of their workers. All Americans who support Apple products are also responsible for this travesty. A company who makes as much wealth as Apple should be ashamed of itself for allowing such conditions. Greed.

  • Yes, the media stories prove it

    Apple keeps popping up on the lists of business that have the worst working conditions in the world. To me this is an obvious sign that there are things that need to be improved upon in order for them to provide safe and humane working conditions for their employees. The one thing to take into account in this is all media talk.

  • Direly

    Considering some of their products come from factories literally on "worst jobs on earth" lists from time to time, I'd say they probably have some improvements to make. Apple is far from the only company guilty of getting labor out of factories that treat their workers terribly, but they have the power to improve theirs.

  • Yes, as soon as possible.

    As an industry leader, Apple has an extra responsibility to treat workers fairly and well. They can, and should set the standard for how workers are treated in their industry. All workers are entitled to a living wage, and a clean, safe, hazard free workplace. Apple should have provided that from the start.

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