Does arranged marriage infringe on the freedom and rights of people?

  • Causes family issues

    Yes, they are not only abusive, but also loveless with no equality between man and wife. The man become the supreme guardian of the family, while the wife feels threatened, and her rights are infringed! They should be banned from all countries! Why should a person be in an abusive relationship and waste their precious time on earth? Do men and women do not equally possess the right to enjoy their lives? Arranged marriages report more sexual and mental abuses than love marriages.

  • Love is unconditional

    People should be able to choose who they marry. Marriage is a right which everyone is entitled to. Making your child marry someone they possibly do not like is horrible and is also a violation of basic human rights. It is wrong to take away people's rights; no matter what culture they're from.

  • Arranged marriage defies basic freedoms and harms potential for happiness.

    It is not the right of anyone except the two consenting adults that love each other to decide whether or not to spend their lives together. The idea of family honor and shame are morally abhorrent constructs that have no right to infringe on the lives of the children.
    Children are not the property of their parents. Parents sole responsibility to their children is to care for them and help lead them to the potential of having a successful, happy, and constructive life after reaching adulthood and going out on their own.

    Life is precious and it should not be wasted on needless cruelty, dissatisfaction, and unhappiness through the arbitrary imposition of others choosing an individual's spouse.

    Arranged marriage has no place in a civilized society that is concerned about the well-being of individuals.

  • People should be able to choose who they want to marry

    It is unfair to people who are forced to marry someone that they don't want to marry. Also why do an arranged marriage they just end up in divorce, so you wasted all that money you spent on the marriage for no reason. Most people would like to pick their husband that they want to live with for their rest of their life.

  • Arranged Marriage Is Truly Disgusting and Infringes on the Given Freedims and Rights of the People Involved

    Arranged marriages are used to withhold the atrocious caste system that dominated India for a big chunk of its existance and is a roadblock for women to be considered equal to their male counterparts. The two subjects, but especially the woman, are judged harshly on their appearance and things such as height and skin tone play a major part in the evaluation. Also the submissiveness of a woman has a big effect on whether or not she is deemed suitable to be married. Now anyone with even a handful of brain cells would realize that arranged marriage is a fake photocopy of love, something that is manufactured by parents who may or may not know their kids well enough and can lead to lives of depression and plain discomfort.

  • Fair or not

    I think it is not fair to have arranged marriage. People themselves should choose who they should get married to .
    This is simply not fair for those who have to get married to those who they do not like . It's not fair for those who get married like that

  • It's a violation of a range of human rights

    It's a violation of a range of human rights, predominantly to decide who to marry and have a family with, to be free from inhumane treatment, and often violates international treaties on the rights of a child. It's also a form of discrimination where one ethnicity is viewed as superior and a particular ethnicity or culture is enforced upon an adult person instead of being freely chosen.

  • Arranged marriage DOES infringe on the rights and freedoms

    Arranged marriage is a terrible practice. The arguments for this have just said that a women is still allowed to say no. When in these marriages it's actually the parents doing the consenting. We've also seen in many cases that when women say no they're forced to leave their own country or they're end up being killed by their own parents to say them "honor". I'd also like to point out that these families who support arranged marriage are so strict and harsh on their children because they're afraid of them being "westernized". These women aren't allowed to do anything while their brothers or other men could. If these men did something wrong, women would still get the blame and punishment. Getting back on point, is arranged marriage much different than selling a person? Does that sound like you have freedom or you have rights if you can't say no without fear of punishment? Essentially in this lifestyle if you don't abide by what people tell you you're going to be exiled, beat or killed.

  • It is a terrible practice

    A woman should be able to marry whenever she wants, especially not as a child. A woman has rights just because the man is superior it does not mean anything. The father should never want his little baby to go and get marries for the sake of money or land. That is just unethical. And for those of you who call yourselves true Muslims, Guess What! I have read the Qua-ran and it dont say to marry a young child that is and let her engage in sexual activity. It is disgusting. It makes me so mad when arrogant people overlook this issue or they do not realize the look on that girls face saying no mommy. No daddy, keep me. I want to stay with you. But no arrogant people care about money, land, and success. Think about the child's future. I mean is that not why people become parents, to take of their children and keep them safe.

  • Arranged marriages only waste a person's precious time on this earth.

    Yes, they are not only abusive, but also loveless with no equality between man and wife. The man become the supreme guardian of the family, while the wife feels threatened, and her rights are infringed! They should be banned from all countries! Why should a person be in an abusive relationship and waste their precious time on earth? Do men and women do not equally possess the right to enjoy their lives? Arranged marriages report more sexual and mental abuses than love marriages. The only reason that they don't end in divorce is that the women are forced to face everything.

  • Many arranged married couples are happy together

    Only 1% of indian arranged marriages end up in divorce unlike american marriages where 40% to 50% of marriages end up in divorce. It is a tradition that should be left alone because the words "arranged marriage" are very commonly misunderstood. Since we are westerners it is alien to our culture but in India it is a normal part of life.

  • arranged marriage and forced marriage

    In an arranged marriage you can still say no, even on the day of the wedding. In a forced marriage you have no say in who you marry. There is a difference in these two marriages because an arrange marriage both parties still have to give their consent before being married.

  • It is not the concept, itself, that infringes, but the enforcement of the concept against one's will that does.

    Freedom and rights are very much cultural values. In a completely open and free society, arranged marriage would appear to infringe on these values. On a more closed society, though, they are normal practices that, if done correctly, do not infringe on these values at all. It is when the participants are forced against their will to carry through with the arrangement that the freedom and rights are taken away. If they are given avenues of refusal, then it is a cultural value, in itself, and not a violation of freedom or rights.

    Posted by: KnownEvan
  • Arranged marriage does not infringe on a person's rights and freedoms, if they have final say over whether the marriage takes place.

    Arranged marriage is not the same as forced marriage. A person may agree to marry someone chosen by their parents, without being forced. "Arranged" may simply mean that they do not date, but rather agree to choose a spouse from the people that their parents present to them. A person may reject many potential spouses, even if they ultimately agree to marry someone chosen by their parents.

    Posted by: R0unHeaven
  • Because its depends on the mentality and upbringing of people

    If the compatibility factor is good then both the partners can do whatever one likes. Trust and honesty is more important. Even love marriages do not work sometimes because of distrust. People in India are more inclined to arranged marriages and are living happily ever after.

    Posted by: CI3Hate
  • Arranged marriage does not breach the principle of cultural freedom.

    While it may breach the concept of personal freedom, arranged marriage does not breach the concept of cultural freedom. In fact, limiting families? rights to arranged marriage would be limiting rights in some cultures. Given, some arranged marriages can lock females into abusive relationships to older men whom they do not love, but the majority of people in my experience who have had arranged marriages have formed long-lasting, loving relationships with their spouses.

    Posted by: NatBIab
  • Not really, because

    Your feelings on the subject are NOT IMPORTANT, and you don't have to have a good relationship with the spouse, it could even be hate-hate or just plain business. All you need to do, is accept your marriage, accept your feelings for the marriage, and work what relationship you two share.

  • I don't think so.

    Arranged marriages, as choice-restricting and limiting as they seem do not totally violate the freedom of a spouse. It is not entirely truthful to say that all arranged couples end up living in misery, and especially for women (although this is really predominant). Over time, just like a person grows to know a friend with regular company, partners of such a marriage often grow close together. Otherwise, it is possible to opt out of the marriage with the consent of the family. This is not mentioning the fact that most couples have the choice to agree or disagree to the marriage, unlike in a forced one - but at the end of the day, the only way an arranged marriage could truly infringe on a person's personal rights and freedom would be through the actions of their opposite. (And sadly most of the time this is what happens).

    Sorry, just had to state this out because I was given this for an English debate.

  • Arranged marriage is not forced marriage

    Remember, arranged marriage is not equal to forced marriage. The couple in an arranged marriage have the freedom to choose if they would like to become a proper pair of husband and wife. However, in forced marriage, the couple’s parents, or any other strong outside force will try to influence the couple into becoming a married pair. Arranged marriage is the best approach to relationships because a couple in forced marriage is not likely to last long - usually, the marriage is only for wealth or political purposes, and not for love - but in arranged marriages, the man and woman had their choice. If they do not feel a connection, they have no need to pledge their marriage. Usually, if the couple in an arranged marriage share the same purpose, beliefs and interests, they are likely to last longer.

  • No they shouldn't have freedom

    People have more divorces when it is not arranged so the kids are forced to go back and forth from parent to parent so it's not far for them so they shouldn't have freedom they should have arranged marriages. Also they would be better off with arranged marriages after all.

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