• Yes!

    Arrested Development represented not only a breakthrough for Netflix but also for online industries. Since the 'dot com boom' it seems that companies that are strictly online have waived and most failed horribly but Arrested Development is a breath of fresh air and a 'win' in the books for Netflix and the online community.

  • Yes, now we may get more great programming

    It is always exciting when groups other than the main networks take up making original programming. This means that we will get more compelling programming and more interesting story lines. Now that a purely online company has started doing this, it opens up a whole new world of programming. This could be great!

  • Yes, it represents new age television at its finest.

    Yes, Arrested Development represents a breakthrough for Netflix. A breakthrough is any novel way of doing things; never before has an old TV series been resurrected as a new TV series to premiere on an On-Demand service! Personally, I am more excited about this premiere than any television that has been on in the past year.

  • Yes It Does!

    I am very excited that Arrested Development is coming back. I am also interested in seeing how Netflix will handle premiering a television show on their service. This is definitely a breakthrough for Netflix because Arrested Development has a huge cult following and if they do right by the show, it will be a big win.

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