• Yes it does.

    Astrology does have a place in astronomy courses. Dealing with the stars and understanding them is all about astronomy and I think it will help them better learn and understand astrology. Even though astrology is not a hard science it does hold some truth and interesting facts to it about the stars.

  • Of course not

    It is unscientific. We are not still in the dark ages. Astrology is not proven and in my opinion it is a load of rubbish. Superstition should have no place in the twenty first century. We should not plant ideas into peoples heads that their lives are predestined and that they have no freedom.

  • Maybe a "sociological history of astronomy" course instead

    Astrology is more interesting from the social sciences than the natural sciences since astrology doesn't work. There have been studies. People said the charts were extremely accurate when they were given the readings from a chart that was for a serial killer (only that the astrologer making sense of the chart wasn't told that). Astrology doesn't actually work. The interpretations are made vague enough to apply to anyone with enough imagination.

  • As a satire maybe

    Astrology is not, in any way, science or deserving of a place in an astronomy class in any serious discipline. Astrology is superstition and has no true bearing on how people's lives will turn out or any sort of serious guidance for them. Astrology should never be given a serious look.

  • Astronomy Based on Math and Science

    Astronomy is based solely on math and empirical observations. Astrology is based on the time and place of one's birth and the alignment of the planets in the solar system. Astrology has no place in an astronomy course whatsoever. Astrologers are very good at math and many ancient cultures had traditions of astrologers who tried to predict the future. However, current science basically debunks astrology.

  • Astronomy is a science, astrology is history.

    Astronomy is the science of stellar objects and relation, while astrology is a human system of belief in which stellar bodies are used to predict the future. One might as well say that mathematics classes also teach arithmancy - the latter is derived from the former, but other than that the disciplines have nothing in common. Referencing popular astrology can add a tough of human interest to astronomy courses, but the two ought not to be taught together.

  • Keep astrology separate.

    Astrology does not have a place in astronomy courses because atrology is a pseudo-science. Astrology should have its own college courses and not intersect with solid physical science classes. Although the two disciplines are slightly related, they have separate purposes. Astrology is for entertainment purposes while the other is not.

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