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Posted by: MassiveDump

Currently Living In Australia

  Just like to say YES Australia does exist.. I've been living here ever since I was born and would like to say that it is a beautiful place and I'm proud of where I come from. If you don't believe that Australia does exist you've obviously never taken a Geography class. And by the way we don't stand upside down. We stand up just like the rest of you.
Yoshi says2014-01-11T19:29:14.003
I also have been told I live in Australia however I have come to realize that because Google Maps is the best mapping system on the planet, the land we assume to be Australia does not fit with what Google Maps show accurately.
WillRiley says2014-06-15T03:32:59.230
You are so funny to say that you live in Australia. I bet you are friends with some elves as well? Oh did you attend Hogwarts? Haha.
Penny27 says2014-08-14T09:30:43.393
You are ridiculous Australia exists.
Maddz.w says2014-08-19T11:13:10.517
Will Riley have you been to an airport.....
really12 says2015-04-17T07:11:38.063
Will Riley, you are thinking of Britain, that's where the filming location for Hogwarts was. Now leave this site you feeble-minded racist.
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