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Posted by: MassiveDump

Of course not

  As Carl Sagan once said 'Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.'. Now I can't easily think of a claim more extraordinary than the one that there's actually some mysterious 'land down under'. Not only that, but 'Australia' has a lot in common with 'Atlantis' (they're both islands) and we all know Atlantis doesn't exist so Australia is obviously just plagiarized from that old myth, and must itself not exist either.
sweetbreeze says2013-07-14T07:07:41.367
What are you calling an old myth? I. Live. In. Australia!!!!
ExsurgeDomine says2013-07-14T07:58:42.420
Personal experience is unreliable. I'm not calling you a liar, but you may have been deluded into thinking that you live in Australia or something. The human brain can play some marvelous tricks.
sweetbreeze says2013-07-14T09:37:01.987
ExsurgeDomine says2013-07-14T09:38:28.927
I agree. No one can provide convincing evidence of Australia's existence because it just doesn't exist. As you put it, it's nonsense.
sweetbreeze says2013-07-14T09:39:54.447
I said the comment you put before me is nonsense, not the existence of Australia. I actually live there, you know. People are being racist now.
ExsurgeDomine says2013-07-14T09:42:43.213
I'm sorry, but you'll have to do better than that. If someone came up to me and said 'I live in Atlantis.', or someone came up to me and said 'I saw a unicorn.', I'm not going to believe that Atlantis or unicorns exist just on their say-so, am I?
sweetbreeze says2013-07-14T09:46:03.117
How would you like it if I went around and told everyone that the country that you live in doesn't exist? I'm getting very upset about people saying that my home doesn't exist.
NoahMuns says2014-05-15T02:09:53.210
This is like saying North America doesn't exist. Of course Australia is real, for crying out loud I've been to Australia, I have relatives in Australia. How much stupider can the world get, Australia is real!
gread9 says2014-05-27T09:56:24.307
As i once said 'extraordinary idiocy requires an extraordinary idiot' now i cant think of anybody more of an extraordinary idiot tha you
Penny27 says2014-08-14T09:54:23.297
Maddz.w says2014-08-19T11:08:21.430
How about you ask an aussie then...
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