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Posted by: MassiveDump

Yes it absolutely exists. I have lived there.

  This can't be serious right? What kind of an ignorant question is this? I have been to Australia and lived there for about a year. Yes Kangaroos do exist. I have seen, touched, and fed them at the petting zoo. I don't even know why I'm spending time arguing this topic. If you don't believe if Australia exists, why don't you buy a plane ticket and visit the place. Visit the local zoos and see the kangaroos for yourself.
MassiveDump says2013-06-14T17:59:22.163
Man, I've heard of delusional people, but get a load of this guy.
geothermal says2013-06-14T18:04:33.447
How do you know the U.S. Exist?
How do you know any countries exist?
MassiveDump says2013-06-14T18:06:40.230
Because science proves them. Science can't prove Australia.

Heil Science.
geothermal says2013-06-14T18:13:10.373
Okay so what did science say? I really want to know the science behind this
sweetbreeze says2013-07-14T07:35:32.203

Excuse me? Science DID prove Australia.
minimouse says2013-10-20T06:07:37.147
Geothermal, please dont suggest they come visit to prove we exist....Do we really want all these people of limited intelligence in Australia?
StygianWings says2014-02-09T09:58:45.730
I love it! I find this question hilarious . But just for fun, I'm gonna say: "Australia is a myth, just like the myth that unicorns do not taste like chicken cheesecake".
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