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Posted by: MassiveDump

Australia is a mythical island created by the government

  The government is trying to control us by telling the sheeple that Australia actually exists, every one who's ever visited is really a crisis actor hired by the government to keep us enslaved. Alex Jones has the documents to prove it!!! WAKE UP TO THE NWO!!!! BEFORE WE'RE ALL PUT INTO CONCENTRATION CAMPS
Noctan says2013-07-13T06:05:26.530
I took a vacation there....
sweetbreeze says2013-07-14T07:06:00.743
Excuse me?! I live there!!!!
Flipper72725 says2013-09-28T03:48:00.343
Give that man a cookie!
ramramgeorge says2014-05-23T21:41:04.520
Australia is actually the HQ of the NWO banker-elite making those cancer-virus pills he talked about by the thousands and employs millions of Kangaroos in sweatshops to make the drones to keep us enslaved!!

westaustralian says2014-06-19T13:35:47.147
Shut up before i punch you
chestnutrules says2014-07-26T18:14:39.603
OMG you're weird in a bad way...
777-3GZER says2014-09-16T10:59:15.697
I never knew I wasn't in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA. Hmm, well, I better take your advice then, and figure out where I am.
Australiantothbackteeth says2018-05-08T01:56:51.663
What the literal fck.. R u serious?!?! The fact that u r so disillusioned makes me hope that your country (yep i acknowledged it existed asshole) has the correct mental facilities available for you
aussielander123 says2018-06-12T00:21:07.093
First of all why would the government do that? Second of all, where is the money coming from to do this? Third of all, there is more than one government and i can assure you they would not co-operate to save their lives. Australia is real and i am sorry for the downfall of society started by people who believe a continent doesn't exist
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