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Posted by: MassiveDump

The 'Land Down Under' is highly improbable - a great Australian fallacy exposed!

  No, Australia most certainly does not exist. Not only is it too large to be a country (a real landmass of its size would implode due to intrinsic pressure), but it is also too far South to stay on our planet. As the Earth is a spherical formation, any continent of its size and location would fall directly off of its surface downwards (forming another satellite, similar to how the Moon was created) over the course of several hundred years. Antarctica would have suffered this fate, too (and, indeed, some parts of it have) had it not had a low organic population, causing its artificial centrified geomagnetism to keep it firmly anchored on land (as a tack to butter). The 'platypus' is also an impossibility, as its beak (containing high concentrations of opaline silica) would poison the animal's bloodstream, causing it to solidify into solid quartz during development. Kangaroos are actually derived from northern Africa, and have their own symbol in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Any pictures you may have seen of the 'continent' are most likely taken from the doctored albums of Sir William T. Ytterby, a Swedish explorer known for his habit of falsifying data. (The element with atomic number 70, Ytterbium, is actually named after him- it was only discovered after the naming of the element in 1864 that his data was completely fabricated.) I hope that this will clear up any and all misconceptions you, the reader, may have on the existence of Australia. Modern science shows that Australia, however tempting it may be, simply cannot exist.
sweetbreeze says2013-07-14T07:08:48.820
I live there...
sweetbreeze says2013-07-14T09:47:41.397
It's not far too South. The Antarctic is more South than Australia is.
Anonymous says2013-07-22T08:48:22.040
Wow... I have never heard a more ridiculous argument than this. Australia would fall off the face of the planet if really existed? It exists and hasn't fallen off yet. Oh wow... This is really too much. What is wrong with you?
TheInterlang says2013-09-23T03:37:48.983
Gravity pulls things to the CENTER of the planet. Not down.
paul_g says2014-01-21T08:50:35.550
I'm usually not insulting but since you insult my country and claim it and therefor I am not real I feel I can go ahead without consequence, You are either the biggest moron in the world or the most unfunny person. Australians can take a joke but this stupidity is quite annoying. I almost feel sorry for your complete lack of intelligence and?Or humor, it is quite sad.
berniemansell says2014-05-12T09:18:19.153
I hope you never breed
berniemansell says2014-05-12T09:32:12.677
Please do not breed
NoahMuns says2014-05-15T02:12:42.333
You are freaking stupid! Earths gravity does not pull things to the bottom of it and of it's surface it pulls things to the center of it, genius. Get a brain, and a life.
randompersonwithopinions says2014-06-17T04:48:35.343
Srsly guis i think they might be joking ! Well i hope they are joking any way bur Australia is the bestest country ever!!
westaustralian says2014-06-19T13:35:01.350
Shutup u idiot
SavinDemWhales says2014-06-20T07:35:07.403
I hope you realise that Australia is around the same size as U.S.A
glory_lyfe says2014-07-09T20:17:17.217
Russia is far bigger than Australia
Maddz.w says2014-08-19T11:06:29.917
Has anyone heard of the continental drift
bookbugsauce says2014-10-01T15:55:05.630
Oh God this makes me feel sick. Who have you been talking to? Just... You think Australia should have fallen off the face of the Earth? Is this the same with New Zealand, with all those other countries that you can't comprehend?
really12 says2015-04-08T23:55:09.837
Down under is an erroneous myth, on Earth the core is down and with gravity pulling everything to the core, everywhere is "Down under". Get your facts right mate!
kangaroosaretrash says2015-05-02T21:58:54.927
This is the most accurate thing i have ever read I looked up the guy for falsifying data and it is true Australia does not exist great job bring this to public light.
J_Knox38 says2015-12-19T03:43:37.570
Russia is much bigger than Australia
WhiningWinnie says2016-08-23T06:36:25.620
In your title, you said Australian. Australian means that something came from Australia. So by saying that, you pretty much confirmed Australia's undisputed existence.
thefighterpilot says2018-05-08T02:23:51.927
Really???? Really?? #no words can describe your stupidity
HR.Tiwari1010 says2018-06-05T04:26:34.017
Asia is bigger, canada and the US are bigger, even china which is asia is bigger as well as russia and those still exist
dicknut354 says2018-06-05T10:05:22.683
Gravity is attracted to the core of the earth dumbnut
I feel sorry for all the lost souls who believe this
NightEmber says2018-07-19T00:34:51.847
So Antarctica still exists at the moment, and it's even farther south than we are...... GuESs ANtARcTICa DoESn'T EXiSt gUYs
Also the land visible on the Earth isn't floating on top of the water; it's connected to the Earth's core and the ocean fills in the spaces.
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