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Posted by: MassiveDump

Yes it exists!

  Of course Australia is real country. It is a country with culture, filled with its accents, food, and kangaroos. We are 200% sure that it should be real. U.N. investigators have looked deep into its geography and did some expeditions into Australia itself. They have concluded, it be right under Germany!
WillRiley says2014-06-15T03:39:13.173
The that is the thing, the UN is part of the CONSPIRACY to make THE SHEEPLE believe in a mythical and of animals with pockets. How ridiculous.
Genworth_1 says2014-06-26T15:12:59.540
Are you kidding me. Go to a Zoo and you can see a Kangaroo on exhibit. Not to mention where are you people getting your information that Australia doesn't exist? I seriously believe you are all on drugs.
WillRiley says2014-06-26T16:38:19.163
Zoos are just as imaginary as Australia.
Genworth_1 says2014-06-26T22:40:53.917
You people are insane! Australia is definitely a country and it exists, look at a map!
diddleysquat says2014-07-14T23:17:12.113
I think that was a little too subtle, NCW.
Brycekinney says2014-10-09T03:18:26.267
I'm not buying it.
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