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Posted by: MassiveDump

Seeing Is Believing.

  I've never seen Australia. In fact, I don't think I've ever met anyone who has seen Australia. Map makers could be in some conspiracy to create a mystical land "down under" to fool us all! No other continent is completely in the Southern Hemisphere save for Antarctica (which I've never seen either.) As far as personal data, I don't have enough to defend the existence of Australia.
Anonymous says2013-05-28T06:08:49.037
Just because you have never seen Australia doesn't mean that it's not there and doesn't mean that no-one else has seen it. I for one live in Australia and you people are all crazy. If you really think that seeing is believing then why don't you get on a plane and fly to Australia and "see" in order to believe that it i here.
Babeslayer says2013-05-28T22:52:55.867
I think I hate my generation
ConservativePolitico says2013-05-28T23:05:21.587
You guys actually think we're serious? No I know I really hate my generation... Good lord.
MassiveDump says2013-05-28T23:57:26.513
@Anonymous - you lie.
geothermal says2013-06-14T18:12:07.737
Maybe you should sign up to go to outer space so you can see that the Australian continent exists. Have you guys been outside of the U.S. ? I'm really curious why you think australia doesn't exist besides saying "there's no evidence". What exact evidence are you looking for?
MassiveDump says2013-06-14T18:13:49.560
Oh yeah, we've seen a giant landmass there. You can't prove it's Australia.
geothermal says2013-06-14T18:17:22.857
Couldn't we say that for any other continent or country? Help me I'm lost in your logic
MassiveDump says2013-06-14T18:21:01.980
Cage's theory of Crikeydingoism. Look it up.
geothermal says2013-06-14T18:35:23.593
Yea I looked it up.. This seems to be a prank.
MassiveDump says2013-06-14T18:37:45.440
Pfft. Google censoring the truth again. I go through a lot about crikeydingoism in my argument below, check it out, and if you have any questions, just ask.
geothermal says2013-06-14T20:18:46.517
Can u give me the link directly? Thnx
MassiveDump says2013-06-14T20:20:12.017
sweetbreeze says2013-07-14T09:48:20.037
It's simple. Go there. Buy a ticket to Australia.
ConservativePolitico says2013-07-14T12:52:24.137
How do I buy a ticket to a place that doesn't exist? Why don't I just buy a ticket to Narnia while I'm at it.
Jingram994 says2013-11-20T06:15:09.947
Well then sue them when you inevitably fail to arrive at the destination you paid to go to. What's the problem?
paul_g says2014-01-21T07:37:34.477
Well with that logic, I have never seen you ConservativePolitico. That means by your logic their isn't enough evidence to prove your existence and therefore you don't exist.
MassiveDump says2014-01-21T16:40:15.520
No, because he does exist.
paul_g says2014-01-22T04:10:40.503
Where is the proof
MassiveDump says2014-01-22T20:54:47.517
He thinks therefore he is.
paul_g says2014-01-23T01:15:05.027
Not enough proof so he must not exist
MassiveDump says2014-01-24T00:18:43.073
Don't be so ign'ant.
Jingram994 says2014-01-24T05:11:52.577
This is a joke, in case you didn't realize. ConservativePolitico's line of 'reasoning' is that he hasn't seen it first-hand, on the site with their own two eyes, so it doesn't have enough 'proof' to be a 'real place' in his eyes. Paul_g is paying out on that sort of 'logic' with his response to it.
MassiveDump says2014-01-24T13:09:45.407
I take that back, Paul. ^This guy is ign'ant.
Jingram994 says2014-01-25T06:24:51.503
"..In case you didn't realize." I take that back. ^This guy can't take a joke.
Rabble rabble rabble.
paul_g says2014-01-25T07:44:52.633
MassiveDump you are the most "ign'ant" out of all three of us. But seeing as how you don't exist I am not going to get mad about it
MassiveDump says2014-01-26T17:46:00.810
Get mad tho
paul_g says2014-01-27T04:42:41.573
Nah I'm not going to get mad over a troll that doesn't really exist
MassiveDump says2014-01-27T14:58:05.287
Get mad
paul_g says2014-01-28T02:49:24.890
Nah I'm not going to get mad over a troll that doesn't really exist
Numidious says2014-06-14T22:06:37.813
But people don't exist. Didn't you know that? It's all just a delusion that your brain has created in order to make up for the actual lack of reality around it. You know that you start hallucinating after just a few hours without any sensory input?
glory_lyfe says2014-07-09T20:18:49.913
So i am going to assume you never left America and therefore America is the only continent that exists
LSH-Debate says2014-07-14T18:24:39.227
Check the map...... My gosh
TrueThinker112 says2014-07-16T21:46:46.837
I am so sick of these stupid pranks. If you want to release your inner stupidity, go someplace else.
26807 says2014-08-11T23:50:37.380
Yeah Right!... Australia is definetly real!
Maddz.w says2014-08-19T11:03:46.177
I live in Australia maybe you should go there
BruceLeeLumberjack says2016-01-08T13:55:06.153
St. Nick once told me to eat my cock. In protest, he created the Kangaroo, Hell, and coal. Chairman Mao created the chevy flashlight, and no one protested that was fake. However, it was so don't believe anything anyone tells you. Make your own opinion. Namaste
liam2002 says2016-01-19T04:19:29.473
Just because you can not see something does not mean it does not exist.
charley2 says2016-04-04T22:12:45.603
Air exists
SomeGuyWhoIsCool says2016-08-25T17:58:24.303
I really worry for the future of mankind.
69gg69 says2017-02-20T14:33:54.910
What the fuck are you even talknig about
69gg69 says2017-02-20T14:47:52.957
Btw if your post on the NO side is not a sarcasm you should really consider killing yourself
DiegoGodoyR says2017-10-04T07:06:48.617
Please, tell me this is only a joke. I just can´t believe what I´m reading. Are there really people who actually vote No on this so stupid question?
australian_user123 says2018-03-16T00:25:01.400
U fuckin idiot
australian_user123 says2018-03-16T00:25:08.067
U fuckin idiot
Australiantothbackteeth says2018-05-08T02:02:18.970
Yeah u fuckin idiot
Debator150201 says2018-05-08T23:17:21.507
Yea.... What they said.... Fuckin Barstards.....!!!! Where did vegemite come from????
dicknut354 says2018-06-05T10:01:18.527
What rock have you been living under, sickos how could you even think a nation's government would do a mass murdering? Obviously if your an American I understand, I know it's hard but anyone else? WTF!
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