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Posted by: MassiveDump

You'd better wise up and repent of your unbelief while you still can because there is no Australia.

  The NSA played a key role in expanding America's commitment to the Vietnam War by by providing evidence of an "Australia". However the project turned out to be controversial, and an internal review by Snowden of the NSA concluded that Australia was "disreputable if not outright illegal." This is proof. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MINARET If Australia were true, then there should be overwhelming amounts of proof, but there is none. I challenge you to do a web search under "Australia" and see what comes up. You'll get a bunch of wishy-washy speculation, but no solid proof.
paul_g says2014-01-21T08:43:19.877
Of all the idiotic claims yours is by FAR the worst and most insulting. Your comment claims we were simply made up to suit your government in Vietnam. Did you know that when the US expanded their commitment in Vietnam, Australian troops joined in to help the US. Australians fought and DIED in the Vietnam war to help your country. I hope you enjoyed your cheap laugh on a war in which our soldiers died.
Smithereens says2014-01-25T08:55:45.987
Mm, be careful how far you take a joke to incite some laughs. Talking about a war in which Australia fought in is not a laughing matter.
gread9 says2014-05-27T09:53:25.017
How is this for overwhelming amouts of truth i am australian and i am in australia and i am typing this in right now thinking you are an absolute idiot and dont tell me im a crisis actor hired by the stupid government.
SomeGuyWhoIsCool says2016-08-25T17:50:50.287
Yep. He claims there is no proof that Australia exists. Are you actually too lazy to do your research.
Titanica says2017-10-12T07:31:22.183
You're srsly asking US to search up Australia when you haven't? And why the actual heck would their be real evidence that australia exists on google? Everyone, well now everyone WITH A BRAIN AND WHO ISN'T SO STUPID. Knows that fricking Australia exists! I am right now IN Australia. Not some sort of Actor on a random island. Get your fricking facts right. Oh, and i dare YOU to search up America, Canada, Russia, Africa. Do they have overwhelming amounts of proof that THEY exist?
I mean, Canada, Russia, Africa and America and much larger than frickign Australia but they are still countries? Oh wait, sorry, only the countries in the NORTHEN hemisphere exists right? Bish
Australiantothbackteeth says2018-05-08T02:22:43.067
Go to hell you stupid wanker.. How can u be so fricking blind as to an entire country's existence!!...
I 100% agree with 'Titanica's' comment above.. Couldnt have said it better myself..!
You are soooo darn stupid... No research is required to prove whether Australia exists or not ... It is evident in your surroundings ... Like hellloooo... When you see/ meet an Australian, see pictures of Australian landscapes etc etc etc... HOW DO U FRICKING INTERPRET THAT!?!??!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?! Hellllloooo... Spaaasstttiiicc alert??!?!!!!
dicknut354 says2018-06-05T23:50:23.950
(sarcastic tone) Wikipedia is an extremely reliable source I learnt why there earth is flat on that website this post is the most useful thing in the world
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