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Posted by: MassiveDump

Most Certainly, Good Sir

  If not, where do the kangaroos come from? Answer me that! Is Steve Irwin a Martian, if Australia does not exist? What about the platypi, echidnas, dingos, wallabies, Australians, etc? I also submit that MassiveDump actually does have a soul, otherwise he wouldn't be so amusing. And I submit that this topic is bigoted against Australians, and move for it to be closed.
MassiveDump says2013-05-28T01:37:26.960
1. Kangaroos come from Kangastan.
2. Yes, Steve Irwin is a Martian.
3. Thank you.
4. Australians don't exist. There are only West New Zealanders.
YYW says2013-05-28T01:41:50.003
The platypus, wallaby (other than the shoe) and kangaroo are just the stuff of folklore... Like unicorns, Thor or Beowulf. If you've ever seen one, then clearly you do too many drugs.
Citrakayah says2013-06-14T17:35:39.010
1. Kangastan does not exist.
2. But he isn't green.
3. No problem.
4. New Zealand doesn't exist. Australia does.
MassiveDump says2013-06-14T17:56:05.543
1. Shun the nonbeliever.
2. Martians can also be rainbow, you racist.
3. But seriously, I don't have a soul.
4. Larztheloser is from New Zealand. Nobody important ever came from "Australia".
sweetbreeze says2013-07-14T07:38:14.443
Kangastan does NOT exist.
YYW says2013-07-16T02:14:09.817
The concept of Australia is big lie.
dqwertyasdf says2014-02-18T15:11:05.113
New Zealand is real but this speak of Australia is heresy!
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