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Posted by: MassiveDump

I've never seen it therefore it doesn't exist

  I'm a Canadian. Canada is COOOLLD! Well, mostly. Not where I live. Anyways, if Canada were warm then I could believe Australia was warm because the Giant Flying Spaghetti Monster that created both would have made them warm. But he didn't. Therefore my logical argument concludes that Australia can't exist because it's warm but at the same time really... Not?
Anonymous says2013-05-28T06:11:53.183
WHAT THE!!!!! If you think that just because you havent seen Australia doesn't mean it exists means that I could right away go and say that Cnada doesn't exist because I've neve seen it
MassiveDump says2013-05-28T23:58:06.573
Except Canada exists. Australia doesn't.
Anonymous says2013-05-30T22:27:09.247
^ this individual is a genius. I cannot add to his paradigm other than to say that I live in Canada, therefore it exists - except Alberta, that's a made up myth. Oil in Canada? Get real. Oil doesn't appear in cold places.
Neelabh says2013-06-14T10:05:26.303
In that case you havent seen me so does it mean that i dont exist and if it does mean this then who wrote this................
wes says2013-06-17T21:09:35.993
I wrote it.
sweetbreeze says2013-07-14T07:05:08.377
SEEN IT?! SEEN IT?!! I live there!!!!
namdao2000 says2014-05-13T10:56:05.357
I freaking live there dude!!!!
I live there!!!!!
Numidious says2014-05-21T22:23:43.077
Are you sure? Maybe your surroundings are a delusion and you're just a brain in a vat used by the government to connect to the world wide web to spy on the actual people. Had you thought of that? Are you sure you're real?
westaustralian says2014-06-19T13:36:04.250
R u bloody stupid!!!!
TrueThinker112 says2014-07-16T22:04:23.117
Numidious, your reasoning is childish and irrelevant to the debate. The "Giant Flying Spaghetti Monster" sounds like something out of a poorly written picture book. Your logic of climate changes is flawed, because Australia is in the southern hemisphere and Canada is in the northern hemisphere. Obviously, climates will be different at different times of the year. Hopefully, this is a joke, or your name on this site should be Numidiot
Penny27 says2014-08-14T09:38:43.757
Sometimes i just wanna knock some sense in to you people... Australia exist!!
the_monster says2014-10-11T10:37:56.867
Massive Dump:
right so you are stupid but my friend is not. He his CLEEEVER! Well mostly. Anyways, if my friend was stupid then I could believe you are because the Giant Flying Spaghetti Monster that created both would have made them stupid. But he didn't. Therefore my logical argument concludes that you can't exist because you are stupid but at the same time really... Not?
JAsmineMK says2015-10-13T11:18:15.177
Australia is close to the equator. Of course it's warm. We've got a friggin desert. Australia is HUGE. If your at the north side, you're suffocating from the heat. Down in Tasmania, COLD.
Australiantothbackteeth says2018-05-08T02:04:20.943
Wow... I thought i liked Canadians but you r single handedly making me change my opinion... How brainless can you get?
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