• The minimum wage should be increased at the rate of productivity

    As productivity increases, so should the minimum wage. Australia's minimum wage has kept parity with productivity until around 2001, at which point it tapered off. If workers are producing more, they deserve to be paid more (as they have been in Australia), as opposed to ensuring the entirety of the new profits go to capital. The minimum wage should rise in line with Australian labour productivity.

  • No they do not need to raise their wage.

    Australia's minimum wage is already more then double some the states in the United States actually make and live off of, so I do not see any advantage of raising the wage higher. They already have enough to equal more then triple what an average wage person in American makes.

  • Stop being greedy!

    People are just getting greedy they need to be happy with what they have and seriously the wage is high enough. Business owners especially small business find it hard enough to earn enough with out this. They have to pay tax, insurance and usually over 5,000 in wages. The insurance is usually around 3,000 and then they have to deal with power and damaged products.

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