• Yes it does

    Harvard did a study on it and indeed autism causes vaccines in children. It causes a warp fusion quantum molecular fusion dihydrogen oxide to form in the brain causing the cerebral cortex to malfunction which is the main part of the brain for learning, speech etc. It is obvious that autism causes vaccines in 90% of children under 13.

  • Some say yes.

    In particular, esteemed author Zachary Alexander Weinersmith has recently expressed this viewpoint on his satirical website, going so far as to label those who believe the converse to be true as "pertussis enthusiasts". His main point centers upon an admittedly unsourced claim that those who lie within the spectrum are often disproportionately employed in research positions - if this were to be true, autism could indeed be said to cause vaccines.

  • Autism didn't invent vaccines, obviously, so your question is wrong.

    What you mean to ask is whether vaccines cause autism. They don't. The main reason people think they do is because children are often diagnosed when being vaccinated. But as the saying goes: correlation is not causation. And even if were the case did, having a kid who's disabled is better than having a kid who's dead.

  • There's Proof that it doesn't

    Autism is a disease developed in the mind of the child when it is in the womb of its mother. Furthermore, if you don't believe that for whatever reason, the only way a vaccine could cause autism is if the disease that the child is being vaccinated for could cause autism. A vaccine is a weakened or dead virus, bacteria, or parasite. The immune system attacks it, and then creates memory cells which are always on guard if the disease comes back. That's how you become immune from vaccines. If the immune system couldn't fight the weakened virus, and the vaccine made the child sick, the virus wouldn't cause autism.

  • Wrong question, BUT NO!

    First of, it should be "do vaccines cause autism". Second off, my opponent in the yes category states "vaccines cause autism in 90% of children under 13." Are you saying that 90% of children have autism? Next off, that is definitely not a Harvard study. What in the world is "warp fusion quantum molecular fusion dihydrogen oxide". First off, there is NO way fusion would appear twice and it sounds like a bunch of scientific-sounding words jumbled together. There is no such study and no credible source has deemed vaccines to cause autism.
    Furthermore, vaccines are just injections of dead pathogens into a person so that person develops antibodies to fight off the real disease. It merely forces the body to develop antibodies and Memory-T cells to fight the pathogen and does not get involved with frontal lobe communication/education jobs. It does not make sense to say that science proves that vaccines cause autism.

    So why do people freak out about vaccines? It is actually caused by a series of cognitive biases. When children are diagnosed for autism, they often have received vaccines recently (within the past 2 years) and it is easy to blame it on them.

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Do idiots cause World Wars?
Varrack says2015-04-02T15:17:07.883
You worded this completely wrong..
Forthelulz says2015-04-04T03:10:16.500
Does Internet cause Trolls?
Wait, that one goes either way.