Does autocracy kill innovation and create revolution?

  • Autrocracy Streamlines Thinking

    Autocracy streamlines government and creates an aura of fear that eventually leads to a revolution. The American and French Revolutions, government protests in Iran, the Arab Spring and small breakaway countries in the developing world all focused on rebelling against the authorities. Countries rarely innovate under an autocracy anymore as their leaders stifle thinking outside of the norm.

  • Autocracy kills innovation and creates revolution

    Everyone has the ability to think, to do, and to suggest. Now, when a country's or company's leadership is one of autocracy, how does one expect that organization to grow? A leader is never a leader on his own, there has to be an acceptance of suggestions from the people he or she is leading, and from dwelling on these suggestions, he or she also learns a lot, benefiting him and his people.

  • Profit motive ftw!

    As long as an autocrat let economic competition taking place, And decimate any legal impendiments to scientific methods, Innovations would always sparked. Innovation is strongly related to profit motive, What boosted the industrial revolution was intellectual property rights which allow creators profit from their creations, Before the 18th century such rights wasn't systematically protected. As long as an autocrat guaranteed protection to intellectual property, There is no reason to not innovate.

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