• What kind of ridiculous question is this ? Of course it should

    If anyone who disagrees with this question then you are the most idiotic person I have ever seen.

    Do we want mental ill and criminals to go on rampage killing people easily? Seriously

    I can’t believe that 99.9 % of american are so retarded. In USA about more than a half states don’t have strict gun laws many of these not even a background check on purchasing guns.

    Not surprisingly we have deadliest mass shooting such as :

    Orlando night club shooting
    Las Vegas shooting
    Stoneman Douglas high school shooting
    Sandy hook elementary shooting
    Columbine shooting
    Virginia tech shooting
    And San berninado shooting

    All these killers obtain guns legally often without background check.

    And these shooting will continue and be deadlier if we don’t take step to stop it.

  • Yes this is a very common sense law

    We should have background check simply because we don't want weapon to be at the hand of wrong people. Groups such as mentall ill,violent criminals, domestic abusers, and stalkers should be barred from owning a gun. But many states don't even barred this people.

    Yet i didn't say gun control will stop 100 % gun violence because there will be people buying weapon from black market. But at least it reduce the likelyhood of such occurence.

    Taka look at Germany. Germany enacted gun control law in 2009 and research say it works since school schooting never happen since and firearms homicide and suicide has been on decline. The same with Australia and UK.

    Yet there was a gunman in munich killed 9 people and he own a illegally. But in comparison to US, Mass shooting are very very rare in Germany and the probability of such occurence are very low.

    In USA this happen every month,every year and every week. IT's horrible and we need an urgent step to stop this.

  • Yes because america is the only country that has mass shooting problem.

    USA is among the highest rank of gun ownership and also among the highest gun homicide among OECD countries.

    There are 100 guns per 100 people

    Mass shooting represent 35 death in 2018

    Gun related death (homicide and suicide) is 5,307 in 2018

    At least 167 of mass shooters weapons were obtained legally and 52 were obtain illegal and the remaining 76 weapons were unclear how they acquired.

    Also USA has been shamfully allowing citizen to own a military weapon such as semiautomatic rifles which have been use in some deadliest shootings such as Newtown, orlando,san bernardino, and las vegas.

    And more than 214,000 students have experienced gun violence at school since Columbine

    Germany,UK, and Australia has experienced school shooting before but no more since they enact strict gun control laws.

    In these countries, you must undergone extensive background check before you own a gun and you also must have a license and a valid reason to do.

    And thankfully in these countries, automatic assault rifles are banned.

    It shocked me so deeply that in many states in USA, still don't have background check in buying a gun which mean it leaves to many dangerous people to buy these weapon very easily.


  • Yes research are very clear and vocal that more guns = more death

    There has been a countless of studies,statistic and chart showing that gun control save lives. While background check is a good step in combating gun violence but it should also has safety storage law,assault weapon ban,raising age limit to 21 in purchasing handguns, high capacity ban,bump stock band,require gun license,3-days waiting period and many more.

    Just take a look at national level massachusetts vs. Alaska.

    MA : firearms death of 3.0 per 100,000 population
    AL: firearms death of 23.4 per 100,000 population

    This is just at the national level. But in compare US to OECD countries, we stand at the top rank in gun homicide.

    Also statistic show that gun homicide are about the surpass car accidental death and it outnumbered non-firearm homicide.

    Also Alaska has more than 80 % higher gun death rate than the national average which is 10.5 per 100,000

    Massachusetts has strong law on background check,child access prevention,domestic violence,ban on military style weapon

    While alaska has none of these law.

    There is a clear correlation between weak guns laws and higher homicide rate

    gun ethuianist often argue cars kill as much as gun, why not cars as well ?

    Yes perhaps vehicle ramming can kill as much as assault weapon do, but simply do not ban vehicle because it's just plain stupid. What is more important cars or guns ? Maybe we need to regulate cars but there is no need to ban them because we need it for travelling.

    While assault weapon or (any guns) are totally unnecessary. It's a weapon of war simply design for killing people.

    Don't compare cars to guns, don't be so fucking retarded because it has nothing in common. Guns is a deadly weapon merely design for killing people while cars can be a weapon but it's not design to kill somebody.

  • Of coarse it does.

    It helps. Hey someone should make a poll with a list of all the fruits. DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT PLEASE

  • I personally do not believe in gun laws.

    Here's why ( besides believing in Amendment 2):

    According to CBS News [4], "for every 1,000 Wyoming residents, there are 195.7 guns... That's 114,052 registered firearms in a state with a population of only 582,658 people." Any gun laws in Wyoming? Hardly. The only restrictions I can find according to the NRA Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) [3] is that "the use of firearms is prohibited in all state parks, campgrounds, recreational grounds, historic landmarks, or historic sites unless otherwise designated by the state Fish and Game Commission." Otherwise, you are free to carry and possess weapons. Now how violent with shootings is Wyoming? In a ranking done on the USA Today's website, every state has been ranked by firearm deaths. Wyoming was ranked the eleventh worst. However, before we go off ranting about how considerably "awful" that rating is, let's consider a few facts.

    - As of 2013, Enchantedlearning [2] reports that Wyoming was the state with the least population: 582, 658. That marks the total deaths at 101 according to USA Today (which checks out if you do the math correctly.) - The states one place ahead and below of Wyoming in the ranking, alone, had respectfully 332 and 891 firearm deaths in 2016.
    - If we do some more math correctly, we would find that that total of firearm deaths translates to about 1.7% of the total population of Wyoming.

    As for how well the laws work- that is not an easy answer. However, let's look at Alabama for a minute as this state is ranked as the 2nd state in firearm deaths. The total deaths are marked at 1,046 for the state- 21.4 per 100,000 people. Any gun laws in Alabama? Sort of- as in, restrictions but not bans as some people may think. According to the NRA-ILA [3], Alabama does not require permits to carry, however, "drug addicts and habitual drunkards are prohibited from owning or possessing handguns," for example. Other examples of restrictions would be purchasing- "It is unlawful for a person who has been convicted of committing or attempting to commit a "crime of violence," misdemeanor offense of domestic violence, “violent offense,” or anyone who is subject to a valid protection order for domestic abuse or is of “unsound mind” to own or possess a firearm." There are also restrictions or "exceptions" to carrying. If I am understanding correctly, it appears as though permits are being addressed in Alabama's legislature. Overall, we must ask ourselves, looking at this state from it's firearm deaths to it's progressing gun laws, do we consider gun laws to be beneficial?

    - Sources -
    [1] USA Today, "States with the most (and least) gun violence. See where your state stacks up."

    [2] Enchantedlearning, "US States (plus Washington D.C.)
    Population and Ranking"

    [3] NRA Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA), "Gun Laws"
    *click the state to which you would like to see the gun laws.

    [4] CBS News, "Most Heavily Armed States In America"

  • Guns violence is fake.

    Patrick star once said chum is fum, guns are fun rhymes so had bad can guns really be. Does anyone remember the spongebob episode with the hash slinging slasher. That guy is more dangerous than guns we should probably find his ass and throw him in jail he's the problem.

  • Maybe it works only stopping mass shooting but it can never stop mass killing by other mean

    From many gun control activists often argue that countries with stricter gun laws are safer and will stop massacre . But these is certainly not. They only focus on gun homicide rate but they don’t realize that mental unstable, criminals or terrorist can kill people will other mean.

    I am a French citizen and even though we have strict gun control and we don’t have so many school shooting such as american has, but we still suffer greatly from many deadly terrorist attack.

    The most deadliest one is the Paris attack in 2015 where 130 are being killed

    And Nice attack 2016 where 86 people being killed.

    Yet the nice attack was a vehicle ramming not mass shooting.

    If cars kill many people should we ban cars as well ?

    See even though we ban guns but it doesn’t stop massacre. In fact people find other mean to commit mass murder.

    The 2016 nice vehicle ramming attack was even more deadlier than Las Vegas shooting.

    While I do agree that guns should be banned from bad people but it certainly doesn’t work .Better policy to end massacre is instead strengthen security system and improve better mental health facilities.

  • Murderers obey laws?

    Fact is, if a criminal can't get what he want's legally, he will get it illegally. He may even prefer to get it illegally.
    86% of juveniles in correctional facilities are reported to have owned a gun at some point, all of which would have been illegal weapons for the juveniles to own. (1)
    On average, 341,000 gun thefts are reported each year. (2)
    Besides theft, there are a number of ways criminals can obtain guns illegally.
    Look, if someone is going commit murder, do they really care if the gun they use was obtained illegally? There's a good chance you don't want a legally obtained gun because then the police might trace it back to you.


  • I actually strongly support background check on gun sales but the current federal background check are so deeply flawed

    In USA, even if they have background check, still doesn't stop massacre, why ? Because the federal background check is full with loopholes. It doesn't even mandate private guns dealers and online retailers to perform back ground check. This often leave dangerous people buy guns at store very easily.

    Take an example of sutherland massacre in texas where 26 people were killed. The pepetraitor does pass background check although he was convicted of domestic abuse before.
    His conviction never were entered to federal database because the airforce failed to do so.

    This is not only the case of mass murder in sutherland but in Pulse night club, Washington Navy Yard, and many more.

    We should absolutely strengthend background check because they current system are so deeply flawed on many levels.

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