• A public option sets a standard.

    When the SEC was formed, they hired the most successful trader to tell them how traders subvert the system. The federal regulatory bodies for banking now are run by bureaucrats that are barely able to enforce confusing and convoluted laws with meaningless penalties. The enforcement system no longer understands banking. A public option bank would be a little more trusted than just and FDIC approval sign. And the government would finally have the kind of control required to really understand the complications of running one.

  • Banking Public Option

    I personally think that banking need a public option because some people run into emergency situations. I personally think that banking need a public option because some people would run out of options and at least the public would be an option to go to. I personally think that the banking need a public option because it is a great idea to consider.

  • Banking does need a public option.

    When you have private bankers in control of all of a country's money, that can spell a lot of trouble. The money someone makes shouldn't be for-profit for another person. Taxes are good because they keep a country running smoothly. Large banks taking money from people is just disgusting and plain wrong.

  • Banking Just needs To be Broken Up

    Banking is just to big one way or another. It is very easy imagine another crisis in the future because the Banks seem to be doing the same things that led to the crisis in the first place. They just keep getting bigger and bigger, while the rest of us get poorer.

  • Keep it private

    No, the way that the banking system is set up today is working very well, and I do not think that anything should be done to change it all and mess it up. The banks know what they are doing, and do a good job handling every customers money transactions.

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