Does Barack Obama deserve to win the 2012 Presidential election?

  • Yes, Barack Obama has run a more admirable and truthful campaign than his opponent

    I feel that Barack Obama deserves to win the 2012 Presidential election based on the fact that he did an admirable job during his first term while faced with more problems than any president in U.S. history. Obama has also run a much more steady campaign than Mitt Romney, with a clearer agenda and more straight-forward policies.

  • Absolutely not

    He is going to do nothing different in this presidential term than last time. He's worried about the unemployment rates? Apparently not if he is talking of cutting our military. Cutting our military is going to do nothing but make unemployment rates go up and leave this country open for another attack. Economics wise he has done nothing in the last four years as president to help that. The only thing he has accomplished in that area is put our country even further in debt. I personally do not think he was fully qualified or has enough experience to be president. But that just goes to show how much our country and politics have become un-united. So much for the "UNITED" states.

  • No

    Because he is taking away our nuclear weapons little by little leaving us, America, open for attack by other country's. He is shortening the military budget which is making our military weak. He is also giving money to people for not working. That money should be put to greater use and further more this act puts people out of business and leaves many people jobless.

  • No, Obama is a decisive man with a lying tongue that has secretively continued from where Bush left off.

    Obama has been trying to pass so many bills taking away freedom in general as well as freedom over the internet such as the SOPA and ACTA bills. He has also been trying to push across the mass surveillance systems Trapwire and Indect. He pushes forward mass bombing on villages in the Middle East and then makes jokes about it in his public speeches. He has as well passed a martial law bill that is able to be enacted when the president commands. So much for the transparency when a lot of people don't know about any of this.

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